James PinionWe are a group of traders who are trying to help people avoid investment scams. We started as traders but when we saw what is happening in this industry, we added our website to our activities.

It all started in 2006 when we have discovered Forex with my friends. We were fascinated with the possibilities it offers and we soon realized that we need a solid trading strategy if we want to be profitable in this market.

Then we slowly realized that the search for a profitable trading strategy is probably the most dangerous thing in trading because there are thousands of scams out there waiting for inexperienced traders.

After learning the hard way, we decided to share our experience and help other people not to make the same mistakes. With the arrival of new trading instruments and assets like cryptocurrencies, the situation got even worse.

Countless scams are promising free and easy money in financial trading and we try to cover as many of them as we can. It is not easy to keep up with scammers, because they keep releasing new systems with new names every day.

But over the years we saw many people avoiding scams and financial losses thanks to our reviews and warnings, which keeps us going. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to warn everyone, but every single person we were able to help really counts to us.

If you want to help us to help other people avoid scams, please share our reviews on social media and other platforms.

James Pinion