Ace Daily Profits review – A Hidden Scam [to be avoided]

This review exposes the fraudulent investment platform called AceDailyProfits that promises a minimum of 1% daily returns.

What is Ace Daily Profits

Its official presentation says that AceDailyProfits is a blockchain crowdfunding platform. It means a platform that helps businesses to raise money while using the same technologies as cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, Ace Daily Profits says that it is investing money in cryptocurrencies, real estate or agriculture to generate profits for its members.

With a minimum deposit of 100 USD Acedailyprofits says it is able to guarantee a minimum of 1% daily returns on investment for its users.

But is Ace Daily Profits a legitimate platform that you should use for investing? It is not and in this review we explain why.

Ace Daily Profits review
AceDailyProfits’ official website.

Ace Daily Profits scam

Our investigation confirmed that Ace Daily Profits is a fraudulent investment platform that everybody should stay away from.

Illegal investment platform

AceDailyProfits supposedly is a company of ACE 14 Holdings, which is based in the United States.

However, there is no ACE 14 Holdings registered in the United States, nor is Ace Daily Profits. So the company does not exist.

So there is no surprise that the company is not authorized in the United States to provide investment services. Which makes it an illegal investment platform.

Investment services providers are required to be registered and regulated in every country they want to offer their services in. Especially in the United States.

Therefore Ace Daily Profits can’t be legally offered in any country of the world.

Illegal platform
The company says it’s based in the US, but it is not.

Fraudulent investment plan

We often present this as a golden rule: Whenever you see an offer with a guaranteed 1% daily return on investment or higher, you can be sure you are facing a scam.

And this rule applies very well to Ace Daily Profits too. With their minimum 1% daily ROI they scream scam to the world.

Like it or not, there is no legitimate way in trading to make steady daily 1% returns, cryptocurrencies are not an exception to this rule.

People often confound exceptional profits with daily profits. Because yes, you can have a good day and make 1% on your capital. The thing is that you will never be able to repeat that every day.

Yet that is what scams like AceDailyProfits offer, steady daily returns on investment, which is an impossible thing in the real world. Because markets don’t behave the same every day, you can’t have the same results every day.

In fact, you can’t have only winning days, traders have losing days, weeks and even months. That’s just the way it is.

Impossible daily profits
The investment plan is a proof of scam.

How AceDailyProfits works in reality

The truth about AceDailyProfits is that it is not a crowdfunding nor investment platform. There is no real company behind that would do any legitimate activity.

No. Ace Daily Profits was built as a scam from the scratch. Its ambition is to run as a Ponzi scheme for as long as it will be possible.

That is why it has a referral program, it needs more and more deposits coming in. That’s how these schemes work, they just transfer money from new to older members, in a pyramid fashion.

And that is also why these schemes always end up in a total collapse, they are not sustainable. That is the reason why they are not legal and you could get in trouble if you promote Ace Daily Profits or any similar program.

How the AceDailyProfits scam works
Referral scam program.

Ace Daily Profits review – Conclusion

Ace Daily Profits is an illegal investment platform run by a fictitious company. It is a scam that will not be able to pay the profits it offers.

It is run as a Ponzi scheme that is destined to collapse, and that is why you should stay away from it.

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