AdStaker review – A SCAM with no remorse

Read this review to understand why AdStaker is a fraudulent platform that can’t earn you a sustainable income.

What is AdStaker

AdStaker is an online platform that promises to make you money thanks to ad viewing and staking of AdStaker tokens (ADSTKR).

The program is supposed to make you up to 5% daily returns on your investment.

You have to invest using cryptocurrencies, you have to buy the ADSTKR token on the Binance Smart Chain.

But should you, is AdStaker legitimate? No, it’s not, and in this review we explain why.

AdStaker review

AdStaker is a scam

There are several reasons why you should avoid AdStaker, all of them will lead to the inevitable collapse of the program.

Unsustainable returns

AdStaker is trying to make you believe that just by viewing 20 ads per day, you can earn 5% ROI per day.

If that was possible, would anybody in the world be working right now instead of using AdStaker?

In other words, like it or not, 5% daily returns are completely impossible in the real world. That’s a fact. And it does not matter what industry we are talking about, it it is advertisement, cryptocurrencies or investing. It’s just impossible, period.

Any offer with 5% daily returns on investment is a scam, it can’t be built in any other way.

Adstaker scam returns

It’s a new scam

On its website, AdStaker claims that its community has been together since 2017. On the other hand, the domain was first registered only in February 2022.

So there is a problem. We assume that Adstaker is going to claim that people behind the program are together since 2017 – to escape the problem with their statement.

But it’s obviously formulated on purpose to confuse people, to let them think that the program has been running successfully for 5 years, which is not the case.

The AdStaker scam is only 8 months old.

Community age

The ADSTKR token

Modern scams use their own cryptocurrency tokens to create the illusion of a working program. AdStaker has its own ADSTKR token for this purpose.

The first problem with ADSTKR is that it is not traded on any exchange, only on PancakeSwap. So a rug pull can happen any time. It means that people who run the scam and provide the liquidity for trading can dump their tokens and crash the price.

And that is what is probably going to happen, it’s just a matter of time.

ADSTKR token

How the AdStaker scam works

AdStaker was never about making money in the advertisement industry. It is a Ponzi scam that is made to rip off ordinary people.

At this time it is in its growing phase, where more and more people are joining, buying the ADSTKR token, staking and compounding. Which drives the price up.

AdStaker scammers control the supply of ADSTKR, so they will let the market grow for a certain period of time.

However, every Ponzi eventually comes to a phase when people will start withdrawing, cashing out. This is when everything will crash.

You have to remember that users are not getting paid with real money, they are getting paid with ADSTKR token. So when more people will try to cash out, its price will crash. And that will be it.

AdStaker fraudsters will have your fiat money and you will be left with their worthless ADSTKR token

AdStaker review – Conclusion

AdStaker is a Ponzi scam hiding behind its own ADSTKR cryptocurrency. It is destined to crash, it’s just a matter of time.

In reality it is impossible to earn 5% daily returns in a sustainable way. Only scams offer such numbers knowing that they are going to crash and burn.


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10 thoughts on “AdStaker review – A SCAM with no remorse”

  1. B.S. this reviewer doesn’t know us. We are a crypto community that goes back to 2017 and many of us have been in the Internet marketing industry together for many years before that. AdStaker is for sure high risk, but we are not promising super high staking rewards forever, we are having an introductory offer as we build one of the finest ad platforms on the Internet. Check our Telegram for more info.

      1. Up to 5%
        Why not pay pay Attention what you posting.
        You know, you really can
        take a look and see that we are different, then you will have a different prospective on things
        Everybody is no Crook, there are still some honest, transparent people with dignity out there, Rick is one of them.

          1. You can call it a ponzi all you want, but it’s not. Paying people to view ads is a legitimate marketing method it’s called Paid Attention Marketing. You want to get tripped up by our high introductory rewards it’s fine, but you keep missing the part that the high rewards are introductory only.

          2. Viewing ads can earn you money, but it will be less than 0,01 USD per ad. Yet you are telling people that they can earn substantial money by viewing only 10 ads per day, which is total BS.

            And why would you even need to issue a token for people who are viewing the ads? Advertisers pay for views, not for people getting a third party token.

            The explanation is simple, you are buildng a Ponzi scheme and your token will fuel it.

            As with thousands of other reviews I published time will prove me right, AdStaker will fail and stop paying, that’s given and you know it. People will be left with a worthless token and that will be it.

  2. Simple,weak,unprofessional platform. With lots and lots of problems !!! With no rules to govern the owners. Rules are changed daily by the owner Rick Katz. He daily changes the reward percentage, minimum staking amount, ads criteria, etc… and if you don’t meet HIS rules, you get banned from telegram group and also have your ACCCOUNT DEACTIVATED!!! Ponzi platforms like this usually only have one future, #rugpull…

    Smart people would be seeling their Tokens and taking a profit, NOW! I predict before long, Ponzi Rick will add a tax for deposit and withdrawals on platform which will make him more money.

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