Afriq JM Arbitrage System review – It’s a scam, nothing more

Read this review of Afriq JM Arbitrage to see why this investment platform is a scam that you have to avoid.

What is Afriq JM Arbitrage System

Afriq JM Arbitrage System is an investment platform that supposedly is trading cryptocurrencies on different markets and exchanges to take advantage of differences in prices.

The platform allegedly uses high-frequency trading and algorithms for automated trading that generate at least 1.65% daily returns. This number is supposed to grow as the community grows.

There is also a referral program that can earn you 5% commission on direct referrals.

The investment platform is run by a company called Afriq Arbitrage System LLC, incorporated in Colorado. But is it legit, should you invest your money? No, it’s not legitimate, and we explain why in this review.

Afriq JM Arbitrage System review

Afriq JM Arbitrage System scam

Our investigation clearly showed that Afriq JM Arbitrage is a scam that has nothing to do with real arbitrage crypto trading. It runs an illegal pyramid that is destined to crumble.

Unauthorized and illegal

Let’s start our explanation in this review with Afriq Arbitrage System’s background. On its official website, the company claims to be registered in Colorado. Which it is, since June 2022, so with no proven track record.

You also have to understand that it is very easy to register a company in Colorado via an agent, nobody verifies the legitimacy of what you are really doing.

What is important is that Afriq JM Arbitrage clearly is an investment service. As such, it is subject to regulation in the United States, it needs to be authorized.

But whether you search for Afriq Arbitrage System on Finra’s or SEC’s website, you won’t find anything. Meaning that this platform is not authorized in the US.

Since Afriq Arbitrage System LLC is based in the United States, it means that its Afriq JM Arbitrage System platform is an illegal operation punishable by law in the US.

By the way, it is not authorized anywhere in the world, it can’t be offering its service legally in any country.

Also, why does it provide an address in New Jersey and a e-mail address? It seems it was copied from some other website.

Afriq Arbitrage System LLC company

Impossible results

Normally you should not even have to read this Afriq JM Arbitrage review, because you should have known that the investment platform is a scam since the beginning.

Why? Because 1.65% daily returns are something impossible for a legit investment company to achieve. 1.65% daily in crypto trading means 49.5% monthly, which is a yield that only scams offer.

Don’t get fooled by the high-frequency and arbitrage trading terms. Nothing in the world can generate a steady 1.65% daily.

We have reviewed many fake arbitrage crypto scams in the past and we always have to explain that arbitrage trading is not scalable. It is always limited by liquidity, order books are not indefinitely deep, so you can’t offer the same returns to everybody who signs up.

Some of the notable fake crypto arbitrage scams that we have warned against are AI Tiger, Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative or COTP.

They all failed as we predicted. By the way, some of them were also registered in Colorado. Which goes to show that a simple company registration for tax purposes means nothing.

Afriq JM Arbitrage scam investment plan

How the Afriq JM Arbitrage scam works

Afriq Arbitrage System brings nothing new to the table. It runs a simple Ponzi scheme. It just transfers money from new depositors to older members. That is all.

Now you see that it has to crash one day, there is no other possibility, because it needs exponentially growing deposits, which is something impossible.

Afriq JM Arbitrage System review – Conclusion

Afriq JM Arbitrage System is a very ordinary scam that is only pretending to be trading cryptocurrencies. In reality it is running a Ponzi scam scheme that is going to collapse.

It also is an illegal investment service run by an empty company with a worthless tax registration.

16 thoughts on “Afriq JM Arbitrage System review – It’s a scam, nothing more”

  1. My withdrawal address is not mine and my withdrawa 61$today before withdrawal someone deposit 25.83$ and then he withdraw 61$ . My dailyincome only 36,125$

  2. You obviously have zero knowledge about the business of Afriq Arbitrage system. Go and get some education about high frequency trading(hft), artificial super intelligence(ASI), and micro server. find out the cost of HFT in the market. I have personally seen trading results from the backend of AAS, and I know for sure that the trades are real, and yes it is also scalable. Stop talking about what you know absolutely nothing about. Thanks

    1. Hi Charles, honestly you are either new to this type business schemes or you are deliberately promoting a scam and a Ponzi. Listen carefully. None of these crypto schemes making big promises have ever stayed long, They have a date to lunch it and they know the date they’ll run away.

      Today you’ll make those trades and make withdrawals but note that when the time comes for the promoters to harvest all your money and run away, you will have no idea. If I were you, I will withdraw my funds today and keep off the platform.

      I wish you well Charles

  3. Who paid you to review AAS… You are the one that doesn’t understand AAS… What you don’t understand you criticize!! Hmm!! Be careful reviewers… AAS has come to stay for as long as the crypto ecosystem exist… Remember AAS version 2.0 coming soon… Pls just come and make money like us stop this scam scam talk you are talking about ok.. God bless you when you repent. Stop the negative report!

  4. Good morning.
    Please, can you recommend some arbitrage cypto platforms that you have confirmed not a scam.

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