Alenol review – Beware of this investments scam!

In this review you will find proofs that Alenol is an investment scam without a real company. It has the potential to lose you money.

What is Alenol

Alenol is a global investment management firm that is focused on alternative assets like cryptocurrencies. The company claims that it is managing approximately 25 billion Euros in assets.

Aleanol offers different income plans with investments starting at 500 EUR. Daily return on investment range from 1 to 1.5%.

Users can enhance their earnings by referring other people to the platform, referral commissions can get as high as 10%.

Alenol’s online presentation says that you will be able to turn 500 Euros to 1 million euros in 5 years thanks to compounding your profit on the platform.

The company says it is headquartered in Malta while also having offices in India and Canada. New offices should be open in Dubai.

But is Alenol legit, can you trust it? No, it is not legitimate, it is an investment fraud that you have to avoid.

Alenol review

Alenol scam

Alenol is not a real investment company, it is a scam platform that is going to collapse and lose money to people who invested. Its official website is full of lies which prove the conclusions of our review.

Fake company

Let’s start this Alenol review by a background check of the company that allegedly is running this investment business – Alenol Worten Holding Limited. It is supposed to be based in Malta. But it is not.

There is no Alenol company registered in Malta, let alone authorized by the MFSA (financial regulator) to provide investment services.

This alone makes Alenol an illegal investment service that is punishable by law.

You can also check in Canada, where Alenol supposedly has offices, that the company is not registered nor authorized there either.

This means that Alenol is a fake company and an illegal investment service.

The company is fake

Fake testimonials

On its official website, Alenol is displaying testimonials of its supposed clients. But they all are fake.

As you can see in our picture below, they used photos that don’t belong to real users. The one in our example was taken from an online shop that has nothing to do with this investment platform.

Alenol's official testimonials are fake

Money is not insured

Alenol claims that clients’ deposits on the platform are insured up to 1 million EUR. But it is not true.

Alenol has no insurance contract that would protect users’ funds. And since it is not regulated as a company, the standard national insurance doesn’t apply to it either. You can contact the MFSA to verify this fact.

Funds are not insured

Escaping responsibility

The funny thing about scammers like Alenol is that they often don’t even know what they are really doing.

Take this example: among the services it provides to its clients, Alenol cites investment advice. Meanwhile another section of its website with terms and conditions says that nothing it provides should be take as investment advice. See our picture below.

The truth is that the company is promising returns on investment, so it is providing investment services, and because of that it has to be regulated, it needs a license from the financial regulator.

But as we have already explained in this Alenol review, the company has no authorization whatsoever, it is completely illegal.

Escaping responsibility

Look at the income plans

The quickest way to see that Alenol is a scam, is to look at the numbers from the income plan. Because they are beyond ridiculous.

1 to 1.5% daily means 30 – 45 % monthly, which is something that no legitimate company can earn to its clients. It is just impossible, nobody is able to predict the markets in a way that would allow such profits.

It really is that easy to spot most investment scams, they offer returns that are this absurd, so you can quickly understand that you are dealing with fraud.


Alenol scam investment plansHow the Alenol scam works

It looks like Alenol is being built as a Ponzi scheme. Which mean that it probably will be paying its users in the early stages, until the illegal financial pyramid becomes unsustainable.

Which is certain to happen, it’s only a matter of time. Because there is no real trading or any other profit generating activity going on. They just move money from new to old users, that is all.

It can crash any time, that is why you have to stay away from Alenol, so that it does not fall on your head.

Alenol review – Conclusion

Alenol is a fake company, an illegal investment service and a total scam that is destined to crash. It is not registered nor authorized.

It offers unsustainable returns that might come only from a Ponzi scheme, that is why you have to avoid it.


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