Alpha Capital crypto review – A trading *SCAM*

In this review we have a look at Alpha Capital Trading Group and its crypto investment platform, which is a scam.

What is Alpha Capital

Alpha Capital ( is a crypto investment platform that allows people to invest in crypto portfolios that supposedly are designed by industry veterans.

On average, investors allegedly get 1.18% daily returns on their investments. They can also stake their BNB, BUSD, MATIC and USDC for the same 1.18% daily returns.

And finally, users can increase their earnings by referring other people to the Alpha Capital crypto platform. They will get a 2.5% commission on all deposits.

Alpha Capital Trading Group is a company registered in the United Kingdom. But is it legitimate, can you trust it? No, you can’t, it’s a scam.

Alpha Capital review

Alpha Capital crypto scam

In reality Alpha Capital is a scam crypto platform that was designed as a house of cards that is going to collapse. It is run by a fake company as an illegal investment service that can go down any time.

Illegal offer

Let’s start this Alpha Capital crypto review by looking at the background of the company that is running this investment service.

Alpha Capital Trading Group is indeed registered in the United Kingdom, but the company was registered only in November 2022 and only has a tax registration. Anybody can get that.

So we have a company with no history, but is it at least authorized to provide the services it is offering? No, it is not.

UK investment companies have to get an authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority and Alpha Capital Trading Group does not have any authorization whatsoever. Not in the UK, not anywhere in the world.

Which means that the Alpha Capital crypto investment platform is an illegal investment service that can’t operate in any country.

A side note: The company does not even provide a standard way of communicating with its client, there is only a Telegram group chat, which is a red flag.

Fake insurance

Alpha Capital claims on its official website that all users deposits are protected. The company supposedly builds an insurance fund that could eventually cover more than 100% invested by people.

But that is not true, it’s just an empty claim. An insurance fund has to be separated from everything else and audited by a third party. Alpha Capital does not have any such insurance fund. It is lying, therefore it is a scam.

Fake insurance

It’s the investment plans, stupid

Everybody should have an idea of what is possible in the real world of finance. That would help people avoid the vast majority of investment scams on the internet and there would be no need to review every platform like Alpha Capital.

What do we mean by that? Alpha Capital is offering 1.18% daily returns on investment, which simply is way too much. Such returns are not possible in the real world, so everybody should know that Alpha Capital is a scam.

You can look at it from another perspective. Should people who run this platform be able to earn 1.18% in investing, why would they earn that money to everybody who cares to sign up?

They could get a loan in a bank for let’s say 10% p.a., so why would would they be giving 95% of their profits to people instead? It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

The explanation is simple, Alpha Capital crypto is a scam.

This ROI is impossible

How the Alpha Capital crypto scam works

The Alpha Capital platform is running a Ponzi scheme, it couldn’t be more obvious. It means that when you deposit money, it is just divided and sent to members who are above you in the pyramidal structure. That is all that is happening. There is no profitable trading or staking.

As a Ponzi scheme, Alpha Capital is destined to collapse, there is no other outcome possible.

And as we have already said, there is no insurance fund, the pool is empty, so when it crashes, there will be no refunds. And because every transaction is done with cryptocurrencies, deposits can’t be reversed.

How the Alpha Capital scam works

Alpha Capital crypto review – Conclusion

Alpha Capital is a scam crypto platform running as a Ponzi scheme. It is sure to crash, so you have to stay away from it.

Alpha Capital Trading Group that runs this platform is not authorized to do so, it’s running an illegal investment service.


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