DANGEROUS SCAM: Amazon Crypto review

In this review you will learn everything about the Amazon Crypto scam and its fake AMZ token. You have to stay away from them.

What is Amazon Crypto

Amazon Crypto is presented as the cryptocurrency project of the company Amazon. It is selling its crypto token AMZ in a pre-sale.

You will allegedly be able to store your AMZ token in your Amazon wallet through your official Amazon account.

You can buy AMZ with Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB or Ripple (XRP).

If you buy the AMZ tokens in the pre-sale, you can get up to a 200% bonus. All Amazon stores will allegedly be accepting the token for payments.

The price of 1 AMZ in the pre-sale is 1 USD. The public sale and the integration of the token in all shops is supposed to happen in the first quarter of 2023.

But is Amazon Crypto with its AMZ token legit? No, it is not, it is a pure scam.

Amazon Crypto review

Amazon Crypto scam

One of the biggest companies in the world issuing its own crypto token is a very appealing offer, especially if you seemingly can buy the token with a 50% discount, right? The problem is that it’s all fraud.

Nothing to do with Amazon

Amazon is a very famous name, and scammers are trying to take advantage of it. The truth is that Amazon has not even announced any plans for its own cryptocurrency!

In other words, the Amazon Crypto project with the AMZ token that is selling right now is a scam, nothing more, nothing less.

Yes, it is probable that one day Amazon will get deeply involved with crypto, but at the time of publishing this article, it has not issued any cryptocurrency, so there is no possibility whatsoever to buy a legitimate digital coin from Amazon.

By the way, Amazon Crypto with its AMZ coin is not the first scam abusing this name, we have already reviewed another fraud called Amazon Coin.

Amazon Crypto scam

How the Amazon Crypto scam works

As we have already established, there is no real Amazon crypto token, there is not even an Amazon digital wallet.

So what happens if you join Amazon Crypto and buy the AMZ token? First of all, your money will disappear and you will never get it back.

Scammers who run this show might issue their AMZ token in a blockchain like Ethereum od Binance Smart Chain just to make it look like legit. But again, that token will have nothing to do with the real company Amazon.

They might even start some liquidity pools and give to the token an artificial price. This might kick off some trading and speculation.

If that happens, you can be sure that a rug pull will follow. In other words, fraudsters will dump their AMZ token to the liquidity pools and retire their liquidity, so they will get all the real money and leave their victims with the worthless AMZ token that they won’t be able to sell.

Also, we should not forget other tricks that investment scammers like to use to get as much money as possible from their victims.

When you ask for a withdrawal, they like to say that you have to pay some taxes or fees to unblock your account or the transfer. But everything will be of course fake. They will just take your money and never send you anything back.

And since all the transactions are made with cryptocurrencies, there is nobody you could ask to reverse them, everything is final the moment the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain ledger.

Fraudulent plans

Amazon Crypto review – Conclusion

Amazon Crypto and its AMZ coin is a dangerous scam, because it has nothing to do with the real company Amazon. You have to stay away from it!

The real Amazon has not even announced any plans for its own cryptocurrency, so every offer of a crypto token that is supposedly issued by Amazon is a scam.

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