BBI-DC mining review – Avoid this SCAM!

Read our BBI-DC review to make sure that you will avoid this fake cryptocurrency mining program.

What is BBI-DC

BBI-DC is a crypto mining program. Mining is a process that secures proof-of-work blockchain network.

BBI-DC offers mining power that you can rent and earn profits. It has several mining programs on offer with daily returns on investment from 5 to 8%.

You have to use cryptocurrencies like USDT to pay for the mining program of your choice.

The program is run by BBI, which supposedly is a company based in the United States with operations all over the world.

Is BBI-DC legit, can you really earn that much in mining? No, it is not legitimate, it is a scam.

BBI-DC mining review

The BBI-DC scam

Let’s put it straight, BBI-DC is a scam. It has nothing to do with cryptocurrency mining, it’s just an criminal financial scheme that is going to collapse. This BBI-DC review explains everything in detail.

Fake company with no history

On its official website, BBI claims that it is based in the United States and that it was founded in 2018. But it is not true.

The BBI-DC company simply does not exist. And it is lying about its history, because the domain name for its official website was first registered in December 2022!

So the mining program certainly is not running since 2018. This lie alone proves that BBI-DC is a scam.

The company is not legitimate

Impossible money from mining

The thing that gives the BBI-DC scam away the most is its mining plans. They offer around 6% daily returns, which is something impossible.

In fact, it never was possible to make 5% or more daily in cryptocurrency mining. It just how blockchain networks are designed.

Profits from crypto mining are dictated by electricity costs, hardware costs, crypto prices and mining difficulty.

A legit crypto mining program can never offer profits from the first day, because you always first have to pay for the above-mentioned costs.

It means that with every legitimate program you always have a time period from the start where your profits will only be covering the costs associated with mining. Only after that period of time you will break even and start making real profits.

That’s how legit cloud mining programs work. BBI-DC definitely is not legit, it’s a pure scam.

BBI-DC scam mining plans

How the BBI-DC scam works

There are some people on the internet claiming that they are getting paid their daily rewards from BBI-DC. This only means that this scam is running a Ponzi scheme.

Here is how it works: When you deposit money with BBI-DC, your money is used to pay older members. There is no mining going on, no mining equipment, nothing, just an illegal financial scheme that transfers money between members without any real economic activity.

As a Ponzi scheme, BBI-DC is sure to collapse. We just don’t know when it is going to happen, so you have to stay away from it.

BBI-DC review – Conclusion

BBI-DC is not a cryptocurrency mining program, it is a pure financial scam that is going to crash hard.

BBI is not doing any mining or any other legitimate activity, that is why you have to stay away from its fake mining program if you don’t want to lose money.

83 thoughts on “BBI-DC mining review – Avoid this SCAM!”

  1. sir, why do you say that, are you sure it is false? have you lost money with this company? I have been with this company for a long time and I am getting hundreds of dollars a day now so can you clarify?

    1. Please learn how Ponzi schemes work. I don’t need to jump under the bus to know that I would not survive.

      1. I think your imagination is a bit out of thin air. If you don’t have a better explanation, I think your statement is not true. It doesn’t mean you are right. You are trying to gain people’s attention and mislead more people.

        1. BBI-DC Scam team started another website and same formula (You warned) The website name is please inspect and warn people. Beware all people. They Launched Globally.

    2. Now what do you have to say about this post? BBI DC launched a lucrative high return sale over the weekend and on Monday they prevented withdrawal of funds and now the group has also been muted .. They also threatened to buy new machine otherwise they will remove from the group. They are acting like extortionists, hardened criminals.

  2. I’ve been here for 8 months and earned my first car money, I don’t see any issues, I don’t know why you make such false statements?

          1. I am professionally making money on this kind of platform. I know this kind of platform very well. The front is making money. As long as you can control it and grasp it in time, you can make money 100% of the time.

  3. Each of us should have the ability to distinguish the true from the false, but blogger, what do you want to express in this article?

    You must provide a clear chain of evidence. If you cannot provide a detailed chain of evidence, I have grounds to suspect that you have ulterior motives in publishing this article!

  4. I don’t know how to rate this app
    But I’m 100% sure, I made money on this app
    Wouldn’t it be better if it helped people change their lives?
    If you can more accurately analyze this app to help people make money, you will be a great person

  5. my friend
    I have invited my brother and classmates to make money together here, why do you say it is fake, I have joined for 4 months and have income every month.

  6. People all over the world say that cryptocurrency is a Ponzi scheme, so why are there still hundreds of millions of people in cryptocurrency?
    I have been working in this company for more than two years. My house and car were brought to me by this company. Now my life has been greatly improved. Please stop posting like this.

    1. People all over the world say the Earth is flat.

      The bottom line is that it does not matter what people all over the world say.

  7. Not every month every day i get the income from BBI DC. BBI DC IS A GREATEST COMPANY IN WORLD FOR PROVIDING JOB FOR JOBLESS. GREAT WORK. come everyone to join with me i m a online group administrator of BBI DC.

  8. Why does your website always say that other platforms are deceptive? But every article on your website recommends 2 top investment platforms. As long as my comments say this, you don’t show the comments. It’s a guilty conscience ?

    1. I review scams and warn people against scams, that’s why. The platforms that I show as top investment platforms are regulated and do not promise any kind of returns. Unlike all the scams that I review that promise ridiculous profits for doing nothing.

    1. Hard to tell, Ponzi schemes can last days, week, months, or even years. My best guest with BBI-DC is months maximum.

      1. thank you for your suggestion and even we cannot deny the fact..what you say but i suggest you to play safely..i am earning 25000 daily as off instead of arguing with blogger ,use your own conscience..

        1. That’s all I ask, for people to use common sense. They just have to google what is real in crypto mining in terms of rewards to see that BBI-DC is a scam they should stay away from.

  9. Joined the bbidc platform on Monday and received smooth payment till Friday but again when I had withdrawn the payment on Monday it’s been an hour and as they promised of releasing the payment in 10 mins …… It is almost an hour…….and have not recieved the payment still……who should I contact for the support.

  10. It’s a scam . I have lost my money in bbi today i have invested around 1000 USD and suddenly they have shut their withdrawals and their so called managers have stopped replying. Around 1000 peoples with me have also lost money please spread this article

  11. It is a scame co. I have invested 500$, and also 6 members invested. everybody money duped. They have shut their withdrawal. 8 am senior citizen. They take you in trust. and now manager also stop replying messages.

  12. Actually I agree with that what you mentioned in your articles and I believe so. How many days the company will be there and what you think about this one!?.

  13. This company put 5L loan on my head i borrow money from person within a week i should in that period they close it and my investoment blocked i have no option but to sucide right now i am single girl with single mother have no one i even help 2L almost my friend just to get out of loans and this bought me more loan on my head if i die atleast death insurance should cover and bring some change to world of cheaters atleast i am not just writing to threaten true words the person told if u r loyal to conpany purchase machine even in the last monute i purchased the machine and she closed the company. People such frauds have different plans from karma my blood and my moms tears are with this company.

    This company farud in bbi dc start a new company itech.btc .Com on 15th march 23 all people plz away this type company they work only one or two months

  15. Beware Danger: Next scam started by BBI-DC team. All your Money gone. Don’t Join here. Maximum give awareness to all your friends and relatives.I get whatsapp message from that scammer.

  16. Ani John Denis

    Oh my God!
    So BBI-DC is actually a scam?
    You know, I actually created a group, a public group on Facebook, and everyday, I’m getting new members who should be willing to register and rent the mining machine of the BBI-DC.
    But now I’m seeing all of these posts..
    What I’m I going to tell them all. There’re all on my neck now..

    1. BBI-DC and 7xt closed now. They are launched same app with new name IUIDO ( Please dont invest in this company. Once you purchase machine then they are force you invite 3 new members in every week. If you are not able to do they will blocks your id and stops your withdrawal. Its one of the biggest fraud company

  17. Ani John Denis

    Please guys!
    Someone legit should chat me up on WhatsApp immediately he or she sees this message..


  18. BBI-DC and 7xt closed now. They are launched same app with new name IUIDO ( Please dont invest in this company. Once you purchase machine then they are force you invite 3 new members in every week. If you are not able to do they will blocks your id and stops your withdrawal. Its one of the biggest fraud company

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