BEWARE of these exchanges: CoinSmart Pro, Bitbuy Pro, Bitget, Springdax and SimpleTrade

In this review we address the concerns we have about these investment platforms: SimpleTrade, Springdax, Bitget, BitBuy Pro and CoinSmart Pro.

What is it about

During our research about investment scams we came across several cryptocurrency investment platforms with a very similar design and content: CoinSmart Pro, Bitbuy Pro, Bitget, Springdax and SimpleTrade.

These platforms offer basic crypto exchange service and also some investment plans. Some of these platforms call them liquidity mining, some staking or investing. Yearly returns vary between 30 and 66%.

The most important question of course is whether these platform are legitimate. We believe they are not.

Coinsmart Pro review


There are several red flags that we have to address about CoinSmart Pro, Bitbuy Pro, Bitget, Springdax and SimpleTrade.


As we have already mentioned in this review, these crypto platforms often have the same or a very similar design. For example CoinSmart Pro, Bitbuy Pro and Bitget are almost identical, including the texts.

Which means that somebody is lying. Two different crypto exchanges can’t have the exact same daily trading volume, number of users, etc.

Bitbuy Pro and Coinsmart Pro are also claiming that they are online since 2018, which is not true, their domain names were first registered in 2022. That’s a big red flag.

Bitbuy Pro review


Another problem we see with SimpleTrade, Springdax, Bitget, BitBuy Pro and CoinSmart Pro is that they are anonymous. They don’t provide any real contact information.

What is even more important, is that the obviously don’t comply with securities laws, which is a big problem.

Because they are offering different investment services, they need to be registered with authorities in countries they want to offer their services.

But everything points to the conclusion that they are not registered/licensed anywhere, which makes their investment services illegal.

Bitget review

Suspicious returns

SimpleTrade, Springdax, Bitget, BitBuy Pro and CoinSmart Pro all seem to have some kind of investment offer with high returns. Those who display their numbers publicly, promise tens of percent per year.

Which is highly suspicious. Currently there is no legit way to make 30 or 60% per year with major token like BTC, ETH or USDT in mining or staking.

Tens of percent per year on crypto deposits are typical for scam offers, so this is another big red flag.

In this case you really can apply the old saying: If something seems to be too good too be true, then it probably is.

Simple Trade review


SimpleTrade, Springdax, Bitget, BitBuy Pro and CoinSmart Pro are very suspicious cryptocurrency platforms for various reasons.

They have very similar designs, they are anonymous, some of them are lying about their history and their yields are way too high for any legitimate business.

That is why we recommend staying away from them.


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