DISGUSTING SCAM: Bitcoin 360 Ai Review

This review will help you understand why Bitcoin 360Ai is a common scam that wants to rob you of money through fake investments.

What is Bitcoin 360 AI

Bitcoin 360 Ai is presented as the most accurate software for automatic trading of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

This software is said to be built on state-of-the-art technologies that use artificial intelligence. As a result, Bitcoin 360Ai is said to be 0.01 seconds faster than competing programs and achieves an accuracy of 99.4% percent.

Thanks to these features, it is said to earn its users an average of $1,300 per day. Which is a huge profit with an initial deposit of $250.

But is Bitcoin 360 AI really a program that can make money from cryptocurrency trading? No it is not.

Bitcoin 360 AI review

Bitcoin 360 AI is a scam

Let’s face it, Bitcoin 360Ai is just an evolution of old investment scams that have been with us for years.

It copies the main elements from its infamous ancestors and just gives them a new look.

So, for example, claims of 99.4% accuracy and 0.01 seconds ahead of the competition. We have already seen completely identical claims in scams such as Bitcoin Lifestyle, Bitcoin Evolution or Bitcoin Digital.

Bitcoin 360 AI is just a clone of these old scams that have cheated thousands of people out of their money. In fact, this is not a profitable trading software, but just a tool to steal your money.

Illegal program

On its official website, Bitcoin 360 AI claims that it is a legal, award-winning and accredited auto-trading program. It’s all lies.

First, Bitcoin 360 Ai has never won any awards. It has never even been recommended by a celebrity such as Elon Musk. All articles saying otherwise are also fraud.

But what is even more important is the fact that Bitcoin 360 AI is not a legal and licensed trading program.

Here’s the thing: Bitcoin 360Ai is a program designed to trade financial markets for you. It is supposed to make decisions and open and close derivatives trading positions for you. This makes it an investment service.

And such services are regulated all over the world, in the EU, the US, Australia, Japan and so on.

In each country, such a service must have permission from the financial regulator if it is to be legal.

And how is Bitcoin 360 Ai doing in terms of licenses? It has none at all, no financial regulatory authority in the world has ever authorized it.

This means that the information on the official website of this program is false on purpose, which is evidence of fraud.

And it is still true that this program cannot be legally offered in any country.

Not regulated

Nonsense claims

As we mentioned earlier in this review, Bitcoin 360 Ai mentions 99.4% accuracy on its website.

Which is a meaningless number that shows how scammers do not understand financial trading at all.

Financial trading is always about the risk-reward ratio. If you risk $10,000 on a trade and aim for a profit of $1, even with a 99.4% success rate, you will not be profitable, you will simply lose money.

And a 0.01 second advantage over the competition? That’s a similarly meaningless number. It can be discussed from many angles, but that is beyond the scope of this review.

Bitcoin 360 AI scam

A tale of profit

And finally, the claim that Bitcoin 360 AI earns each of its users an average of $1,300 per day. With an initial deposit of $250.

In other words, it will supposedly earn you 520% on the first day. That would make you a millionaire within a month.

Will you believe that a free trading program will make you a millionaire in one month? Do you see how absurd this mere question sounds?

A 520% gain in one day is something that, with a lot of luck, you can achieve once in a lifetime, maybe even a couple of times.

But it is definitely not possible to earn that much every day. And it doesn’t matter what industry we’re talking about, whether it’s cryptocurrencies, other financial markets or anything else in the world. Such daily profits are simply not possible.

It is not even possible to earn 520% every month from crypto trading. That’s just a fact, no one can do it because financial markets are highly unpredictable.

So when anyone claims to make you hundreds of percent daily, weekly or monthly, you can be absolutely sure that they are a scammer. Regardless of how they allegedly earn such money.

Impossible earnings

How Bitcoin 360 Ai Really Works

Bitcoin 360 Ai is a simple scam. The whole story of a trading software that will automatically make you money is a fairy tale. Its goal is to get you to send at least $250 to a selected broker who works with the scammers behind this program.

Once you send them money, you will never get it back. Yes, they may show you profits in your trading account, but they will be fake. Their only goal will be to get you to deposit even more money into your trading account.

Also, beware if they let you test Bitcoin 360 AI on a demo account and you see profits. The common practice of these scams is to use fake prices in demo trading and generate fake profits that would never come in real trading.

In short, Bitcoin 360 Ai is a scam that you can’t trust at all and should be avoided.

Bitcoin 360Ai Review – Conclusion

Bitcoin 360 AI is an old investment scam in a new guise. It is not a profitable trading software. It’s an illegal platform that wants to trick you out of your own money and steal it from you. That’s why you must avoid it!

Keep in mind that cryptocurrency trading is very risky. You need to understand this well before you possibly start trading with real money.

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