BNBRoyal review – A quick scam, stay away

This review explains that BNBRoyal is a cryptocurrency scam that is just hiding behind a supposed DeFi platform.

What is BNBRoyal

BNB Royal is a cryptocurrency platform that promises to earn you money on deposits of the following digital tokens: BNB, BUSD and CAKE.

It is presented as a DeFi platform that will earn you up to 10% daily for 12 days without getting your deposit back, which translates to 1.7% daily net.

The platform is anonymous, but it supposedly has been audited by Haze.

So, is BNB Royal a safe and legit platform that you could use for your investments? No, it is not.

BNB Royal website
BNB Royal’s website.

BNB Royal is a scam

The truth revealed by our investigation of BNBRoyal is that this platform is a pure scam that will drain your cryptocurrency wallet. In this review we explain all the details.

The platform is not audited

The audit done by Haze is supposed to give BNB Royal some legitimacy. The problem is that if you click on the provided link, the audit is not available on Haze’s website.

A more detailed search reveals that Haze is warning that BNBRoyal is a scam. They say that they audited only one of the pools, while the the project added three more pools and is rugpulling users wallets.

This is confirmed by real users who complain on different platforms that BNBRoyal stole their cryptocurrencies.

The audit
The audit made by Haze does no longer exist.

It was clear since the beginning

As with most online investment scams, it should have been easy for people to see the true nature of BNBROYAL since day one.

Because the platform promises up to 1.7% daily returns on deposits of legit cryptocurrencies like BNB or BUSD. How could it possibly achieve that? It is not possible in any legitimate way, that is a fact.

BNB Royal does not even try to fool you with a fake story about miraculously profitable trading, staking or mining, like other scams do. Which makes it even easier to see that it is a pure fraud.

It might have started as a Ponzi scheme, meaning that it might have paid some withdrawals at the beginning. But it obviously was conceived as a scam.

So people who run it needed to gain trust of people who would deposit cryptocurrencies in their contracts, they waited for the money to accumulate. Then they just started stealing the tokens, which was the plan all along.

As you probably know, cryptocurrency transactions can’t be reversed. Which means that there is no easy way for you to get your tokens back if you got scammed by BNB Royal.

Basically all you can do is report the platform to law enforcement and hope that people who run it will be brought to justice.

The investment plans
This should have been a warning for everybody.

BNBRoyal review – Conclusion

BNB Royal is a scam that is stealing cryptocurrencies from all people that connect to the platform. You have to stay away from it.

If you have connected to BNB Royal any time in the past, make sure that you revoke all permissions and connections in your wallet to this platform.

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