CloudFi review: That’s a TOTAL SCAM!

Read our CloudFi review to understand that this cryptocurrency investment platform is a scam that was built to steal money from people.

What is CloudFi

On its official website, CloudFi is defined as a cryptocurrency platform that is using artificial intelligence for trading and generating profits.

The platform allegedly is run by investment experts who use the Cloud Intelligence trading bot to grow the capital they have at their disposal.

There is one very simple investment plan for the public with daily returns of 1.25% on business days. The profits will grow until the investor reaches a 250% return.

On top of that, there is a generous referral program that can earn you more money if refer new people to the CloudFi platform. They of course have to deposit their own money and invest.

But, is CloudFi legit, can you trust it with your money? No, it is not legitimate, in fact, it’s a total scam. In this review we explain all the details.

CloudFi review

CloudFi scam

We analyzed CloudFi, we researched everything about it and our conclusion is that it is a fraudulent financial platform that you have to avoid.

Who are we dealing with?

The first thing we’ll have a look at within this CloudFi review, is the background of the company that is running the platform.

The first problem we see is that the address provided by CloudFi is incomplete. It supposedly is based in Hongkong but we could not find any company with this name registered in Hongkong.

The only contact information provided by the platform is an email address, which simply is not enough to prove that the company running it is legit.

CloudFi company

Illegal investment platform

No matter how CloudFi classifies its services on its website, it clearly is an investment service. Because they ask you for your deposit and they promise they will grow your money thanks to investing in cryptocurrencies.

As such, CloudFi needs to be authorized by the financial regulator in Hongkong, which is the SFC. But according to the SFC’s registry, there is CloudFi company authorized to provide financial services in Hongkong.

This has to lead us to conclude within our review that CloudFi is an illegal investment service that is not authorized in its home country.

Illegal investment platform

Then you have the returns…

Without needing to read this review, you could identify the CloudFi scam just by looking at the investment plan and the rewards structure in general.

Because already the basic 1.25% daily is way to high for any legit platform. This would mean that CloudFi can earn you 6.25% per week and more than 25% per month.

Which is something that even the biggest scam platforms could not sustain for a long time.

To be clear, in the history of financial markets, there has never been a legitimate investment company that would be able to earn 25% monthly to its customers. Never.

That’s just reality, crypto and financial markets are just too unpredictable for anybody to be able to generate such profits. Accept it as a fact and it will save you from many scams in the future.

Returns on investment

How the CloudFi scam works

Let’s close this CouldFi review by explaining how this investment platform is designed and how it’s going to end.

CloudFi works as a Ponzi scam. It means that it is taking money from people and it is not investing it. Instead, it just redistributes the money among older members on payouts.

That is why you might see people saying that they are getting paid by CloudFi. That’s how Ponzi scheme works, they just rotate money between members until it becomes unsustainable, which always happens in the end.

This is also the reason why there are so many financial incentives put in place by CloudFi for referrals and new deposits. Ponzi schemes depend on new deposits coming in, once their velocity becomes insufficient to fuel withdrawal requests, everything collapses like a house of cards.

And that’s the faith that awaits for CloudFi too, it’s just a matter of time. And because all transactions are made with cryptocurrencies, they can’t be reversed, people won’t be able to get their money back.

How the CloudFi scam works

CloudFi review – Conclusion

In this review we have explained that CloudFi is an illegal financial scheme that is not investing any money on real cryptocurrency markets.

Instead, it runs a Ponzi scheme, which is a scam by its nature. It is going to crash hard, so get away from CloudFi while you can.


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