CoinMarketBull review – Pathetic SCAM, stay away

This review dissects the CoinMarketBull (CMB) scam and explains how it works to lose your money.

What is CoinMarketBull

Coin Market Bull or CMB is a crypto investment platform that offers a trading robot with daily returns on investment.

You can activate the robot for 50 USD per year. Then the trading algorithm allegedly will generate you 1.2 to 1.8% daily returns on investment. The robot is trading futures on the Binance exchange.

You can earn even more if you participate in the affiliate program and refer other people to the program.

To use to robot you will need Bitcoin or USDT on the Tron blockchain.

CMB says that as a company it is based in Hungary. But can you trust it, is it a legitimate investment offer? No, it is not, and we prove it in this review.

CoinMarketBull review

Coin Market Bull scam

The truth is that CoinMarketBull is a scam. It’s not a profitable trading robot, it’s an illegal investment scheme that is sure to crash and burn all the money people invest.

Not authorized and illegal

Let’s start this CoinMarketBull review by looking at the company that supposedly runs it. The company provides an address in Hungary.

But we made a search in the Hungarian registry of companies and there is no CoinMarketBull or CMB company registered in the country. That is the first problem.

The first problem creates a second one, namely that CoinMarketBull is not authorized in Hungary as a company that can provide investment service. Make no mistake, it needs a license because it is taking money from people while promising to return them more thanks to financial trading.

CMB needs a license in every country it wants to have users in. But it has none. CoinMarketBull is not regulated, therefore it is illegal in most countries in the world.

If you are considering investing with it, we suggest you contact your national financial regulator first and ask them about it.

No CMB company in Hungary

The ROI giveaway

Frankly, all you need to do to see that CoinMarketBull is a scam is to look at the promised returns on investment. You don’t really need any review for that.

Because daily profits in the range between 1.2 to 1.8% are numbers that scream scam! No trading robot or trader can generate that much profits.

It would mean 36% to 54% monthly ROI, which is totally absurd. Any time you see an investment offer with returns this high, you can be sure it’s a scam. Especially when it comes from an unregistered and basically anonymous company.

Not to mention that CMB would have to be able to generate even more money to cover the referral program.

Fake earnings

How the Coin Market Bull scam works

Let’s round up this CMB review by having a look at how the platform really works. Simply put, it runs a Ponzi scheme.

We can say it because we hear some people saying that CoinMarketBull is paying. It can do so only by taking money from deposits and using it for withdrawals. In a typical Ponzi fashion.

But it will stop, the only question is when. When that happens, users will realize that their money is gone, that they can’t get anything back.

All the CoinMarketBull transactions are done with cryptocurrencies, therefore they can’t be reversed. The only thing victims of this fraud can do is to report CMB to the police.

How the Coin Market Bull scam works

Coin Market Bull review – Conclusion

In this review we explained that Coin Market Bull is run by a fake company that is not even registered, let alone authorized to provide investment services.

And the daily returns above 1% clearly demonstrate that CMB is a scam that is running a Ponzi scheme. It is going to collapse, so you’d better stay away from it.

3 thoughts on “CoinMarketBull review – Pathetic SCAM, stay away”

  1. I heard this one I’m using is in the UK
    and I have tried sometimes to access the platform and gotten an error message so bit skeptical.

  2. I fell for this also, unfortunately, which is why I’m not posting my real name here. Too embarrassed.

    I was never able to withdraw money (because I never referred anyone to it – glad I didn’t – saved my friendships), and now “” (where online login and account access is located) is a parked domain and available for purchase and has been like this for over a week.

  3. CMB claims that the platform couldn’t handle the traffic and will re-build the website, but it’s been over a month now and no information about restart of the platform is answers. The people I trusted, I don’t hear from anymore and has damaged my close relationships with the people that knew and trusted me to join this scam. Lessened learned.

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