review – Funny scam, that’s it

In this review we explain that is a total scam that is not engaging in the activities it pretends.

What is

Cryptoprogram is presented as a platform that will grow your cryptocurrencies. You have to deposit at least 550 USDC or USDT ,and you supposedly can expect 25% monthly returns on your investment. says that the company is doing arbitrage trading in the online niche world. It buys goods and services at one price and sell them at a higher price. It allegedly injects ads where it is profitable.

So, is legit, should you invest? No, it is not legitimate, it’s a scam. review scam

We needed just a quick analysis of Crypto Program to reach the conclusion for this review, which is that it’s a total scam. Here are all the details.

Totally anonymous does not hide the fact that people who run it are hiding their identity. Which is the first huge red flag.

The video presentation literally says that nobody knows who the people behind Crypto Program are. Why are they hiding?

They say they can earn people huge returns on investment, yet they need to hide? Something does not add up.

Anonymous program

Fake history

Crypto Program claims on its website that the it started in June 2022. There even are user testimonials that seem to confirm it, the early ones coming from July 2022.

The problem is that the domain was first registered in October 2022.

This means that the platform is lying about its history and all the testimonials on its official website are fake.

Fake scam history

Probably illegal

The problem with being anonymous is even bigger considering the services they provide.

They tell you that you should deposit money on their platform and that they will grow your capital thanks to their effort.

In a lot of countries, including the United States, this constitutes an investment contract that is subject to regulation. Just like orange groves in the original Howey case.

Countries that regulate these activities require companies to be registered and authorized by financial regulators. Which is not. In those countries this program is illegal.

Bogus returns

What really proves that is a scam is the returns. Like it or not, 25% per month is way to much for any legitimate activity.

In fact, you can be pretty much sure that any anonymous offer with 25% monthly returns is a scam.

Should Cryptoprogram be able to generate 25% monthly, why would they be giving it to everybody who cares to sign up? If they need capital, they can get a loan for less than 25% per year and not be paying 25% monthly to users.

Do you now see how absurd Cryptoprogram’s offer is? That level of absurdity proves that it is a scam.

Bogus returns

How the scam works

Let’s close this review by explaining how this fraud works. It was built as a Ponzi scheme, which means with the intention to pay users with deposits of other users for as long as the inflow of new deposits allows it.

Which always ends up in tears and a total collapse, that’s the nature of Ponzi schemes.

There is no real trading, arbitraging, advertising or anything legit going on. It’s just an illegal scheme that is sure to crash, that is why you have to stay away from it. review – Conclusion is an anonymous fraudulent platform that is not doing any legitimate activity. It is a scam where money gets lost. Avoid it!

Any investment offer with 25% monthly returns or greater is most likely a scam.


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14 thoughts on “ review – Funny scam, that’s it”

  1. I’m afraid one day they will run away with money and people who are yet to recover initial investment would nothing but regret. Scammers finding out irresistible offers day by day to trap common people like us who are always looking for options to make money. They made sure all enrolled in this program are bombarded about people receiving 25% returns every month from past 6-7 months and also buying more and more packages to become financially free. They also made sure to remove negative posts on their Facebook group and turn of comments on their Youtube videos so people stay away from criticism of this program and won’t hesitate to invest. If they are so genuine they shouldn’t not worry about any comments or posts.

  2. Let me ask you this? Have you tried the program? If not then don’t say it’s a scam…! Everything is a scam….look at the stock market…look at the banks everywhere you look things are falling apart and ppl are arrested everyday or they are jumping out of windows…I’m personally invested in this and I will make good returns it’s not for everyone i understand

    1. Typical scammer’s comment.

      I don’t need to jump under the bus to know what would happen.

      Go shill your scam somewhere else.

      1. All I know is that a friend of mine is invested there for about 6 months now and he has his initial investment back. From now on he’s receiving just profits. It’s really a good point tho, the fact that as long as no more people invest the money pool will be disturbed, and therefore no more earnings will be available for the investors. But also if the the applied arbitrage strategy is real, then earnings to be distributed amongst the investors will flow. I’m sure the anonymous team could profit big time from the same way other investors are…as long as the action is genuine. It just makes sense. In other crypto DeFi projects I am personally invested that’s how the core teams also make money themselves. They invest the same way as the member investors.

    2. I’m with you on this…everyone who is claiming is a scam has not invested anything into it. Controlled opposition much? LOL. I’ve gotten 2 months payout so far with no pressure to sign up anyone else….so yeah the people that are going hard to say its scam just makes me want to invest more. God forbid the little people actually make a decent return back on their money.

  3. Als je meteen al zegt dat dit oplichting js dan heb je je niet ingelzen.
    Ik doe zelf al een tijdje mee met 4 pakketten en iedere maand ook netjes mn usdt gekregen.
    Zeg nu niet dst dit met geld van een ander betaaltd word als je niet weet hoe deze markt werkt…

    1. Oh, I know very well how the market works. That’s why I’m sure that is a total scam.

      1. Oh dat is goed van jou ..
        Leg me dan eens een beetje uit over advertentie arbitrage en affiliate marketing.
        Ik hoor graag van jou ..

          1. Tell me something about advertising and affiliate marketing.
            Let me know how it works…because you telling me you know everything of this…

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