Esom review – Typical SCAM, avoid it!

In this review of the Esom Group we explain that it is a fraudulent crypto investment platform that you have to stay away from in order not to lose money.

What is Esom

Esom Group is a company that is providing a digital investment platform for the public to make money. The platform supposedly is based on quantitative trading of cryptocurrency markets.

The Esom robot uses several strategies and monthly returns on investment (ROI) are up to 18%.

To use the platform, you need to deposit the USDT crypto token.

Esom as a company is registered in Colorado and with the FinCEN. But does it make it legitimate? No, in all honesty it is a complete scam. Thanks to our review you will understand why.

Esom review

Esom scam

The reality is that Esom is just one of many crypto investment scams currently on the market that are hiding behind fancy terms like quantitative trading, AI or arbitrage trading.

Behind the scenes Esom has no profitable trading robot, it just runs an old-school illegal financial pyramid that is going to crumble.

Worthless registrations

Let’s start this Esom review by addressing the certificates of registrations that the company is displaying on its official website: company registration in Colorado and a FinCEN registration.

The first thing you should know is that all these registration were made online and nobody verified the reality and legitimacy of Esom’s business.

When you register a company this way, you just fill in a bunch of online forms and that’s it. Anyone can do it and it does not prove anything, certainly not about your intentions or honesty. It certainly does not prove that your business is legitimate.

Investment scams often operate with these registrations, they like to brag about their FinCEN registration in the United States. But again, a FinCEN registration is a matter of just filling in an online form.

Look at the picture below and you will see that the FinCEN emphasizes that a registration does not prove anything about the legitimacy of any given business. FinCEN is not a financial regulator that would be supervising the business that companies do.

In fact, we have already reviewed many crypto investment scams that were registered with the FinCEN and already crashed, like Neumann Wallet, Pioneers AI or AI Tiger.

A FinCEN registration means nothing

Illegal investment platform

As as US company, Esom needs a regulatory approval to be able to conduct its investment business in a legal way.

But Esom has no authorization whatsoever, which makes it an illegal investment services not only in the United States, but also everywhere else in the world.

Investment sham

We know that 18% monthly returns on investment might seem real and achievable in crypto trading. Unfortunately they are not.

Or to be more exact, in crypto you can have a month when you make 18%, or even 180%. But that will be one month. It is impossible to repeat such results month after month in trading. That’s just the way it is.

In other words, the profits promised by Esom are a proof that it is a scam. There is no legitimate platform that can achieve such profits. One of the biggest scams in crypto history Bitconnect was not able to sustain 20% per month, and it was much better funded.

Proof of Esom scam

How the Esom scam works

Because we have researched and analyzed many similar investment platforms, we can tell in this Esom review exactly what is going.

It works like a classic Ponzi scheme. When you deposit crypto on the Esom platform, it is divided among other members and paid out as their profits.

The problem with that is that it is completely unsustainable. Deposits simply can’t grow exponentially forever, that is why Ponzi scams like Esom always collapse in the end. We just don’t know when it happens, but we know it will happen.

And when Esom crashes, it will be too late to do anything. Because remember, the platform runs on cryptocurrencies, which means transactions are irreversible. Fraudsters who run the show will just keep your money and you won’t be able to do anything about it except for a complaint with the police.

How the Esom fraud works

Esom review – Conclusion

Esom is an illegal investment platform and a scam. It runs a Ponzi scheme that might be paying its users in early stages, but it is sure to collapse and lose money to the majority of people involved.

Esom is not a legitimate business and you should stay away from it to protect your capital.


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28 thoughts on “Esom review – Typical SCAM, avoid it!”

  1. Paul Olumakinde

    Thanks for this.
    But really, we only see reviewing scamming platforms and I have for once seen anyone any platform that’s not scam.

    People can’t even peacefully invest anymore because scams are what we read about. Where are the legitimate ai trading platforms, no one is ready to show us. Even when there are legit opportunities around us we turn deaf ears to them because we’d conclude they are all scam.

    I appreciate what you all are doing saving people Financial losses but can we know if there legit ai trading platforms out there and where are they?
    Cos I don’t know how people would become rich with any investments, salaries are doing not much in families. We don’t even mind borrowing to invest so far its genuine but WHERE ARE THEY???


            Research on the above. It started last year, it works with blockchain decentralized system with a Nigerian CEO Jesam Michael. I joined in December 2022.

          1. If you’re looking for a platform that will generate you like 0.5% or more per day, there are none.

  2. Can anyone please show us a legit investment platform,we can’t be continuing on reading about sites that are scams but are yet to know 1 that is legit, please it’s just as a case of match fixing where 99% source out there are scam but please can anyone lead us to the 1%? It’s for the betterment of human kind please🙏.

    1. There are no legit investment programs that could earn you a steady passive income, like 10% per month or more.

  3. Wahala, most youths ain’t lazy but need people to show them the way to make this money but it seems they ain’t any, mehn am frustrated the country isn’t helping matters too

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