SCAM: Financial Income Platform review

We analyze the Financial Income Platform in our review and we have to conclude that it is a total scam worth avoiding.

What is Financial Income Platform

Financial Income Platform (,,,,,,,, etc.) is promoted through weird messages. Most people receive unsolicited messages with login credentials to, or a similar domain, and they are asked to help to manage the funds. Often its tens of thousands of dollars.

The platform itself offer some high yield „financing“ programs, you allegedly can get up to 15% monthly returns on your USDT deposits.

So even if you don’t get the invitation with an already funded account, the Financial Income Platform is very appealing due to its high ROIs.

But is it legitimate? No, it’s not, the Financial Income Platform is a scam.

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Financial Income Platform scam

The way Financial Income Platform is built makes it a total scam. Its only purpose is to get your money and transfer it to fraudsters who will never return it to you. Here is how it works.

If you receive the login credentials to a funded account, it’s just a lure. Yes, you can use them, log into the Financial Income Platform and see a funded account. You might even see a history of accruing profits.

But everything will be fake. It’s not backed by real money. The only reason they show you all this is to persuade you to deposit your own money, your own cryptocurrency.

How it works

They need you to send them your USDT or other token so they can steal it. And they want as much money as possible from you.

So they will use all sort of dirty tricks. When you deposit and invest, on your account you will see profits increasing. They will make you believe that everything is working perfectly so that you become comfortable and invest more.

That the Financial Income Platform ( is a total scam will become clear the moment you try to withdraw any amount of money. At best, you will hear excuses why it is not possible.

They will tell you that you first need to pay taxes, fees to unblock your account or transfer, etc. But they will never agree to deduct these fees and taxes from your profits, you will be asked to send a new deposit.

As you can probably guess by now, every new deposit will be lost too. Once they see they won’t get any more money from you, they will just stop answering your requests, they will just ignore you.

Because all the transfers are made in crypto tokens, they can’t be reversed. So the only possbility left for you will be a complaint with the police.

Btcusdt365 scam

The yields tell it all

Even if you come across Financial Income Platform without an invitation, you should immediately see that it is a scam.

Because the offer is up to 15% monthly returns on USDT deposits. Which is way too high, there just is no legit way to generate such returns.

So yes, it is as simple as that, 15% monthly ROI is a tell tale sign of a fraudulent platform.


Financial Income Platform review – Conclusion

Financial Income Platform (,,,,,,,, etc.) is a complete scam, it was made as a trap for you to deposit cryptocurrency and lose it. You have to stay away from it.

There is no legit way to earn 15% monthly on your crypto deposits, that’s a fact that you have to accept to avoid scams.

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  1. cybercrimemunashe

    Hi….Thank you for your useful information they closely had me there using their Domain Accounts ( Adam1986 and pass 1986Adam) Try logging in with it you will c.Im so grateful admin you pulled me out.

  2. This exact scam is still being posted on Twitter, looks like they have switched to domains like “uu[4-5 digit number]u dot com”. Website still looks the exact same.

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