Fintoch review – A SCAM that has already collapsed!

In this review we explain that Fintoch is a fraudulent investment platform that has already stolen users money.

What is Fintoch

Fintoch is a financial platform that is focused on cryptocurrency lending. It supposedly uses its proprietary HyBriid blockchain technology to make the DeFi platform secure.

The investment offer is pretty simple, you invest at least 100 USD and Fintoch is supposed to pay you a 1% return on investment every day.

In some materials, Fintoch claims that it is backed by Morgan Stanley, which would make it trustworthy. But is Fintoch really legit? No, it is not, it’s a scam that has already crashed.

Fintoch review

Fintoch scam

Fintoch was built as a scam and that is also how it ended. In this Fintoch review we show you proofs that this fraudulent platform was never meant to succeed.

Not backed by Morgan Stanley

One of the main features of Fintoch is that is supposedly is backed by Morgan Stanley, which is one of the biggest banks in America. As such, Fintoch would have a lot of credibility.

The problem is that Morgan Stanley has nothing to do with Fintoch. The information about the connection between these two companies is simply a lie, as confirmed by Morgan Stanley.

Fake company

On its official website, Fintoch now claims that it was built by „Morgan DF Fintoch, a Silicon Valley company from America.“

The problem is that that company no longer exists, as you can see in our picture below. It is unclear whether Fintoch ever had anything in common with it, but it does not really matter.

What counts is that there is no real and legitimate company behind Fintoch.

Morgan DF Fintoch company

Illegal investment service

As Fintoch is describing its services, it is obvious that it is providing financial services that are subject to regulation.

For example, on its website it says you will be investing in STOs (Security Token Offerings), so there is no doubt that it needs an authorization from financial regulators.

But as you can probably guess by now, since there is not even a real company behind Fintoch, it is not authorized to provide any financial services whatsoever.

This simply means that Fintoch is an illegal investment service in almost every country in the world.

Fintoch scam features

Fake team

The Fintoch scam is full of lies and in this review we pinpoint just some of them. One fake thing worth mentioning is its alleged team of financial professionals, starting with the CEO Bob Lambert.

Because the team is entirely fake. Continuing with the example of the CEO Bob Lambert, the real name of the man you can see in their pictures and videos, is Mike Provenzano and he is an actor.

In other words, that man is not running Fintoch, he was just paid to play the role of the CEO. Which is another proof that Fintoch is a scam.

Fintoch scam team

Money has already disappeared

Fintoch is a scam that has already collapsed, but many of its users probably still don’t know it, that is why we are publishing this review.

Fraudsters who are running the scheme have already performed a rug pull. That means that users’ money has already been moved away from Fintoch wallets, it has already been stolen.

This is a fact that has been documented by the crypto analyst ZachXBT.

Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, that is why Fintoch clients have no way of getting their money back in a simple way. All they can do is file complaints with the police and hope that an investigation will bring Fintoch scammers to justice.

Fintoch was a scam since the beginning, it was never a real lending platform with HyBriid technology or anything else of a legitimate nature. It was run as a Ponzi scheme, so people were getting paid in the early stages to make it look legit and attract even more investors and money.

But now the Fintoch fraud is gone, money is gone, the house of card has collapsed.

The investment plan told the whole story

Finally, let’s close this Fintoch review by explaining that this disaster was avoidable, as many other investment scams. How is that possible?

It’s because Fintoch’s investment offer was screaming scam, you did not even need to read any review.

Yes, it really is that simple, because no legitimate business can generate 1% daily returns for its customers, it is just impossible in the real world.

In other words, whenever you see an offer that is supposed to make you 1% daily or more, you can be sure that it is a scam and you should stay away from it.

If everybody was aware of this fact and rule, scams like Fintoch wouldn’t stand a chance, everybody would just avoid them.

Another giveaway is that Fintoch could not have its mobile app approved by Google and Apple, so it pushes its users to download files to their mobile phones on the side. Which is always dangerous, especially when dealing with financial services.

Such shady files and/or apps that you download from third party websites can install malware in your device and steal your money.

Suspicious mobile apps

Fintoch review – Conclusion

Fintoch is a financial scam that was lying about its connection to Morgan Stanley, about people who run it and about the nature of its business, we proved that in our review. It was just an old-fashioned Ponzi scheme hiding behind fancy terms from the cryptocurrency world and it has already crashed.

Stay away from every investment offer with returns on investment as high as Fintoch was promising, they all are scams that are doomed to collapse.

3 thoughts on “Fintoch review – A SCAM that has already collapsed!”

  1. They promised a guaranteed return on my investment but after investing my life savings, I got nothing in return. They seemed legitimate at first, but it was all a scam. I urge people to stay away from fake platforms and not risk their hard-earned money like I did.

  2. FinToch’s original team of scammers, shysters and fraudsters with collective bad hair-dos and equally bad dress sense are back as SCF and trying their level best to scam unsuspecting middle-aged moms and pops off their pensions. These guys, who can’t make it in the real corporate world, are so desperate to cheat and lie that they’re karma-defiant. Beware, karma police and the real police will get to them eventually.

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