Gamma Exchange review – Another copycat scam

In this review we expose the Gamma crypto exchange scam that is based on an infamous concept.

What is Gamma Exchange

Gamma is a cryptocurrency exchange that also offers investment services in the shape of passive investment plans for the USDT, BTC and ETH tokens.

Currently, the company does not publicly states what are the returns on investments for those plans.

Gamma Exchange claims to be a legitimate company headquartered in the United States and registered with the FinCen.

But is it true? No, it is not.

Gamma Exchange review

Gamma Exchange scam

We investigated the Gamma Exchange and we have to conclude that it is an investment scam that you have to avoid. Here are all the details.

Fake FinCen registration

During the last year, we have seen a surge of scams that are showing a FinCen registration in the United States as a proof of legitimacy.

And we explained several times that a FinCen registration means absolutely nothing in terms of the legitimacy of any business. Because such a registration is done online and FinCen does not validate the submitted information in any way.

But with Gamma Exchange we don’t even have to go down this route, because the FinCen registration document it is showing on its official website is just fake.

You can search for Gamma Exchange on FinCen’s website, and you will find nothing.

The FinCen registration of Gamma Exchange is simply forged, which makes it a scam. This alone should make you avoid this investment platform.

Fake FinCen registration

Copycat scam

Over the past 10 years, we have reviewed thousands of investment scams. So it is easy for us to see similarities between them and spot clones.

Gamma Exchange appears to be a clone of scams like Koneoyp, Koneoy and Sunony. The design and structure of their websites are almost identical.

These scams are mostly promoted by individuals who contact people on social media and tell stories about a wealthy friend or relative who made money in crypto investing. Then they push you to one of these fraudulent platforms to make an investment too.

We have had several readers telling us the same story about how they lost money with them.

Beware of the returns

As we have already mentioned in this review, Gamma EX does not currently advertise the returns on investment. Based on what we have seen in the past on these platforms, it usually is at least 1% per day. Which in itself is a tell tale sign of a scam.

1% per day is something that no legitimate investment platform can generate to its users, that’s just a fact. Any honest financial advisor will confirm this.

A a general rule of thumb, anytime you see an offer with 1% daily ROI or higher, you can be sure that it is a scam.

Gamma EX scam

How Gamma Exchange works

Gamma Exchange is a pretty simple scam that does not even run a Ponzi scheme, judging by this feedback.

Representatives of this exchange will tell you stories about substantial earnings that you can get if you invest a cryptocurrency on the platform.

When you invest, they might even show you some fake returns to make you believe that everything is working perfectly and to make you deposit even more money.

But every deposit will be lost, you will never get anything back. When you try to withdraw, they will tell you that you have to pay some fake taxes or fees, just to rip you off even more.

Because cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, you won’t be able to get your money back. The only thing you can do if you get scammed by Gamma Exchange, is to report it to the police.

Gamma Exchange review – Conclusion

Gamma Exchange is a copycat scam. It is a fake cryptocurrency exchange designed to take money away from you. Stay away from it.

Staking USDT, BTC or ETH can never earn you tens of percent per year, let alone per month or week.


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