InvestorPlace review – Exceptionally bad feedback from users

In this review we have a look at Investor Place, especially at crypto reports from Charlie Shrem.

What is InvestorPlace

Investor place is an online service that offers financial markets analysis and recommendations on what to trade in stocks and cryptocurrencies.

It has a special sub-site with Charlie Shrem, who is offering his three reports that are supposed to help you make money in crypto investing: The first wave of tokenization wealth: 5 platform crypto set to soar, The second wave of tokenization wealth: Red-hot tokens to buy right now and The third wave of tokenization wealth: The new income revolution.

You can get Shrem’s three crypto reports for 49 USD. But are they worth it, should you buy them? We don’t think so.

Shrem - InvestorPlace review

Use common sense

Shrem is an early adopter of Bitcoin, which earned him millions of dollars. Now he is telling you that he will advise you about what is the next best crypto investment with a 1000x potential. You just have to buy his reports for 49 USD.

Does this make sense to you? A person who knows how to quickly multiply money is selling this information for 49 USD? It just does not make sense.

The truth is that Shrem does not know which tokens will go up and by how much. He is monetizing his glorious past, but he can’t predict what is going to happen on crypto markets.

Should he be able to do what he is selling, he would not be selling it, he would be making huge amounts of money and he would not need to sell his reports for 49 USD, that’s just common sense.

The price

Shrem’s troubled history

InvestorPlace presents Shrem as a successful crypto investor. But they somehow forgot to tell you that Shrem went to prison in 2015 for aiding and abetting unlicensed money transmission with Bitcoin.

That changes a lot in terms of trust, doesn’t it?

Is he still a millionaire? Who knows. But will a millionaire sell digital reports for 49 USD and claiming they can make you tons of money? Seems unlikely. You be the judge.

InvestorPlace and users feedback: Very bad

When we review investment products, we try to get a perspective from users. But it is very hard, because the internet is full of fake reviews.

Even scam services can have positive reviews because they paid for them. So most of the time we rely on our own judgement and experience.

But something strange is happening with InvestorPlace, it has exceptionally bad reviews on TrustPilot.

Out of 316 reviews of InvestorPlace, 98% is 1 star, which the most negative there is. A lot of people are saying there that InvestorPlace is a scam.

People are complaining about bad investment advice and charges they did not agree with.

When a service or product get this many reviews that are in accord, we have to pay attention.

Shrem's reports

InvestorPlace and Charlie Shrem’s reports review – Conclusion

Shrem says his advice can multiply your money hundreds if not a thousand time. Yet, he is selling this “golden” information for 49 USD. Which, of course does not make sense, especially when you consider his troubled history.

On top of that, InvestorPlace has exceptionally bad review from its users, so as a whole, it does not look like a service that could help you earn any money in traditional or cryptocurrency investing.

This is why we believe it is not worth paying for anything from InvestorPlace.


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