JAA Lifestyle and Zhaka token review – Double Ponzi pyramid

In this review we explain our findings about JAA LifeStyle and Zhaka, and why we believe you should stay away from them.

What is JAA Lifestyle

On its official website, JAA Lifestyle has a pretty broad definition of itself, it says it enables its global community members to share the mission of financial freedom by dynamically engaging through a cooperative affiliate business model.

But what does it all mean? JAA Lifestyle basically is about several programs that are supposed to earn you money.

For example, there is the Lifestyle program that will incentivize you to refer other people to the structure. If you build a basic 3×7 structure underneath, you can earn 11,670 EUR per month. A 6×7 structure allegedly will earn you 1.3 million EUR per month.

There is also the Advertising Bonus Program, that is supposed to generate money thanks to members viewing ads. Or there is a cryptocurrency program, that is connected to the Zhaka token.

But is this all legitimate financial opportunity? Can you earn money with JAA Lifestyle? You probably can, but you certainly should not.

JAA Lifestyle review

JAA Lifestyle is a typical pyramid

Everyting presented by JAA Lifestyle clearly shows that the project is a financial product without any real valuable product. Everything is about moving money between members of the program, there is no real utility, it is not legitimate.

Advertising program – where it is?

One of the earning mechanisms of JAA Lifestyle supposedly is ads viewing. It means that members will be shown ads by advertisers and that will earn them money.

The first thing to know is that this kind of activity never can earn an individual substantial amounts of money. We are talking about cents per person per ad at max. Per day you would happy to make a few dollars if you did nothing but watch ads.

But there are other problems, who is the advertising partner, where are the ads?

The biggest hint that the advertising program of JAA Lifestyle is fake, is in the statement that the sky is the limit, that there is no limit to how many people can earn money through the program.

The sky can’t be the limit. Advertisers have limited budgets and don’t just keep spending to infinity. So if you have a thousand members, you can’t scale the operation to 100 million users and earn everybody the same amount. That’s just impossible.

Advertising programJAA Lifestyle advertising program

Lifestyle program – typical Ponzi

The JAA Lifestyle program couldn’t be a more obvious pyramid. They show you the pyramidal structure and how much you can earn by referring other people and bringing money to the system.

There is no real and valuable product in the mix, just a Ponzi scheme where money is moving between new and older members.

As such, JAA Lifestyle is destined to collapse once the deposits can’t cover withdrawal requests. It’s as simple as that.

Zhaka scam pyramid

Zhaka (ZHK) token

And finally, let’s have a look at the Zhaka (ZHK) token that JAA Lifestyle members are supposed to get for their crypto investment.

The ZHK token is supposed to run in Cardano, so it does not have its own blockchain. So the staking rewards will be fake, there is no need to stake the ZHK token to validate transactions.

The locking mechanism will be there just to artificially increase the value of the token. The longer you lock your tokens, the higher the APY.

Zhaka staking rewards

To get the second token – ZhakaDAO (ZHKDAO), you have to get at least 1 million ZHK and stake it. So just a way to get more money from you.

The most important thing is that ZHK and ZHKDAO are not traded on any normal crypto exchange, so you won’t be able to sell them outside the Zhaka system. Which means that the value is dictated by Zhaka and can be rugpulled any time.

Zhaka token

JAA Lifestyle and Zhaka review – Conclusion

JAA Lifestyle and Zhaka are set up as Ponzi schemes that just take money from new members and transfer it to older members. Because of that they are sure to collapse, the only question is when.

Sure, some people will be able to earn money before it all crashes, but it won’t be legitimate money because it will come out of the pockets of people who got scammed.

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