Koneoyp review – The SCAM saga goes on

This review reveals that the Koneoyp crypto exchange is fraudulent. We explain how it is made and why you should avoid it.

What is Koneoyp

Koneoyp is an exchange for cryptocurrencies. You can trade different digital assets, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

But it also offers new tokens from initial coin offerings, crypto mining and staking.

The exchange says it is headquartered in the United States with offices in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. Can you trust it, is it legitimate?

Koneoyp review

Koneoyp is a scam

Unfortunately, Koneoyp is a fraudulent platform that was created as a clone of an infamous scam. It is dirty and it will make you lose money, if you don’t stay away from it. This review bring you all the details you need to know.

Copy of an old scam

The first instance of this scam we reviewed was called Sunony Exchange. Then we discovered a copy called Koneoy. And this latest one Koneyop clearly is the copy of those two, as you can see in our picture below.

Besides, the story told by victims of these exchanges is always the same, they are approached by somebody who first tries to become a friend, then tells a story about how they or their family member is making big money on a certain crypto exchange…

Scam clone

What is the offer?

Since we first exposed this scam, people who are running it became a little more careful. They are no long displaying publicly on the Koneoyp website how much they supposedly will make you.

But usually they promise around 20% monthly returns on your deposit. Which supposedly will come from either automated trading, mining or crypto staking.

In reality it is not possible to generate profits of this magnitude in legitimate crypto trading, mining or staking. No trader is that capable and mining and staking have their limitations which don’t allow for 20% monthly returns, that’s just the way it is.

In fact, you can be pretty much sure that every investment offer with 20% or higher monthly returns is a scam.

Full of lies

On its official website, Koneoyp claims that it uses secured storage for you cryptocurrencies and that it has a dedicated 20,000 BTC security reserve fund. But that is a lie.

Koneyop is not even a real exchange, let alone secure. The biggest lie is the claim about the Bitcoin security fund. The exchange does not have any reserve fund, it was made to steal money from people, that’s all it does.

Koneoyp scam lies

How the Koneoyp scam works

People who work for the Koneoyp scam randomly target new victims on social media. They tell fake stories about how they or their relatives or friends make tons of money on Koneoyp and they will ask you to sign up and deposit money.

You will have to make your deposit in USDT or another cryptocurrency. Once you make your deposit, your money will be lost.

Sure, they can show you some profits on their platform to make it look like you really are earning money, but everything will be fake. Everything will be a lie with one purpose: to make you deposit even more money.

Behind Koneoyp scenes, there is no cryptocurrency mining, staking or trading. All the deposits go directly into the pockets of fraudsters who run the entire scheme.

And because all the transactions happens in cryptocurrencies, there is no simple way of getting your money back. Only law enforcement can do something about it, but they often face a very difficult task because scammers can hide online very well and they often reside in countries where it is difficult to get to them.

Koneoyp review – Conclusion

Koneoyp is an investment scam that was born as a copy of an infamous scheme. It can’t earn you anything, it will just take your money in the form of a cryptocurrency and make it disappear.

It is impossible to make 20% monthly in cryptocurrency staking or mining, every such offer simply is a scam.

94 thoughts on “Koneoyp review – The SCAM saga goes on”

  1. I am following this scam as much as possible.

    I have been approached by a woman called Shirley that lives in London. First she asked me if I was Chris the Tour guide via Whatsapp. Then we started chatting and at first it seemed she wanted to become friends. At a certain point we started talking about crypto and from there on I started to invest. I was really lucky and pulled out with a month salary profit but my friend lost money and they blocked his account. The goodnews is that he invested a small amount.

    Everytime I started pulling out money I had to wait for hours…then all of a sudden I received the amount on my Crypto.com account. 5 minutes later Shirley tekst me to ask how I am doing and If I wanted to invest in a virtual mining machine. I played the game and I also showed her these reviews from tbbob.com

    tbbob: Do you want more information about Shirley and the tekst messages we shared?

    1. I invested in it for half a year, and I can withdraw money every time. I feel that everything is going well. Many friends around me are doing it.

  2. I tried to withdraw $660 from my account yesterday they turned it down, i try it again and it’s pending then I contacted their customer care and she said my account is locked because I was trying to use the account for illegal activities,money laundering and arbitrage. So before I can activate my account I need to deposit 1k before 15 working days if not it will be frozen. Although I was expecting it long ago because after they changed from sunony I withdrew all my capital with some profits, so all these while I was withdrawing profits till nw that they finally lock my account. Many greedy pple will lose all their life savings because of the ongoing ico subscription. Ico price is 2$ and they said listing price will start $100 and above lol. Thanks mr.James for always been there for me anytime I contact you.

  3. Hi, i’ve just invest in their last ICO.. they told me that i can get my money back 3 month later, so it’s false?
    So there is no way to get your money back if it is already invested in their ico?

  4. I talked with this girl named Andy. I can send you a lot of screenshots if you are interested. I already knew it was a scam so i never deposited anything more than the amount i was willing to lose. Email me, i will provide you with photos and texts.

  5. “December 30th, KONEOYP Global will open all ICO token withdrawal channels, and stop depositing mining fees by December 25th. Overdue users will be deemed to give up all tokens automatically.”

    The end of scam looks like this. They ask for fees. Don’t pay a dime!

      1. I have managed to withdraw $600 from koneoy not long ago, it took 24 hours to arrive. I’m wondering whether this is more like a pyramid scheme where it pays out people with new investors money

  6. i confirm
    big scam you lose the money here,
    unscrupulous criminals,
    dont send the money on KONEOYP YOU LOSE YOUR MONEY

  7. Sono ladroni,
    tu versi i soldi e loro non ti danno pu nulla,
    le vendite sono fittizie regolate artificialmente e in maniera truffaldino,
    quando fate i bonifici verso i vostri exchange non partiranno mai.
    questo e’ uno dei portafogli che loro hanno,
    hanno solo usdt con trx,
    Questo e’ il loro portafoglio su trx,
    ci sono solo i vostri usdt rubati,
    non usciranno più i vostri soldi.
    Gli scambi sono tutti falsi fittizi regolati da un loro software per fregarvi i vostri soldi
    Sono maledetti
    Si presenta Elisa Koneoyp a volte Evelyn, sono vigliacche vischide,
    STATE LONTANI seno perdete tutti i soldi

  8. they are thieves,
    you pay the money and they give you nothing,
    the sales are fictitious artificially and fraudulently regulated,
    when you make transfers to your exchanges they will never go out.
    this is one of the wallets they have,
    only have usdt with trx,
    This is their trx wallet,
    there is only your stolen usdt,
    your money will never come out.
    The exchanges are all fictitious fakes run by their own software to rip you off your money
    They are cursed
    Elisa Koneoyp shows up sometimes Evelyn, they are slimy cowards,
    STAY AWAY or you lose all your money

  9. Be careful it’s a scam
    – elisa koneoyp +1 (571) 454-6822
    – Evelyin Percy +44 7830 914420

    come up with these numbers,
    beware it’s a completely studied scam, they make you pay the money on the Koneoyp platform and they don’t give you anything back
    The ICOs they issue are non-existent, they make one a month so as soon as they finish one you reinvest in the other and they try to make you pay more money. Their ICOs don’t have a code on the Binance smart chain, all fake, they say they have partnerships with Binance coinbase crypto.com
    Their scam icos can only be purchased by them, there is no token on the binance smart chain, it is a total scam.
    all false to deceitfully persuade people.
    Stay away here lose all your money.
    the police have to put them behind bars

    1. I am willing to choose to believe in KONEOYP, because I have chosen it for 1 year, I believe that JAIS/SKRG/BBNO will all be great coins, pay some service fees for this and it is justified

    1. That’s the thing, victims always wait for somebody else to do it, so nothing never happens and scammers continue to scam.

  10. Koneoyp bought the domain name only in September. It’s a young company, they ran out of money and now they have to put in new money. Especially since now everyone wants to take the profit. Those who have been paid up to now for spreading the company’s good news will not be paid anymore.

  11. I think it is very important to report to the police, we are a group in Italy. How can we coordinate with all of you? We must act quickly and simultaneously from all parts of the world involved. What do you think?

    1. I’m from United Kingdom and I lose on this application also, I think the story is same for everyone. What we can do to stop this scamers

  12. The winning rate is too good to be true. They keep extending the lock up period and now charging service fee on your total assets. Thats ridiculous.

  13. I’m from Belarus, I spent the last $2000 on DOFT, then I bought JAIS, I understand that it’s all a scam. I was supervised by Lena +49 1522 1421366
    this is her whatsapp
    her instagram: @lena_deeee

    1. Сколько монет JAIS вам зачислили на счет? Я вложила 1000$ и мне дали 100% монет, хотя я рассчитывалась на 10%. Интересно просто все кто вкладывал в JAIS получили 100% токенов. И сейчас не работает ни поддержка ни программа

  14. To people who got scammed by Koneoyp, just be aware that you could become a target for recovery scammers. Anybody who offers you a recovery of your money and asks for a fee in advance, is very likely also a scammer.

  15. The site is gone, join the telegram group, has anyone reported? I see it very hard and impossible to recover the money. Unfortunately they are now lost. Can anything be done?

        1. Go to the police and file a complaint, that’s the best thing to do.

          You should certainly not pay fees in advance to somebody who promises to recover your money from Koneoyp, that would be a scam.

  16. I was scammed by this platform and now it’s offline as same as customer service (Lisa). I think they will change the name and will continue the “scam saga” again.
    Never trust people that contacting you supposedly by error in whatsapp. According to my research this “saga” goes on a lot of time in this order:
    Auxu global, sunony, koneoy and finally koneoyp. Maybe thay had also different names. I lost my money but not my humanity like those damned people.

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