Discreet SCAM: Lorikeet review

In this review we show that Lorikeet Investment is a scam program that has no support from major financial institutions.

What is Lorikeet

Lorikeet is an investment company that supposedly has a professional team that manages investment across three asset classes: equity, fixed income and multi-asset.

The main focus is on gold, the commodity. There are several investment plans for people to choose from with daily returns starting at 6% and going up to 26%. However, there is a 1 month lock-in period.

Deposits are denominated in Indian Rupees, the minimum is Rs:1000 and for the most rewarding plan it is Rs:2000000.

Lorikeet says that it is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and that it has offices in 7 other countries: Australia, Switzerland, India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand.

Is Lorikeet a legitimate investment opportunity to grow your money?

Lorikeet review

Lorikeet is a scam

In our research about Lorikeet we found proofs that this investment platform is a pure scam. It is not conducting any investment activity, it has no financial institutions as partners. You should stay away from it. Here are the details.

Fake partners

On its official website, Lorikeet Investment displays logos of renowned financial institutions, such as HSBC, Barclays, JPMorgan, UBS, Wells Fargo or Citibank.

It is suggesting that these banks somehow are partners of the project, but in reality they are not. Our investigation revealed that none of these banks is connected to Lorikeet in any way.

You can see it for yourself, just contact any of the banks that Lorikeet is featuring on its website to verify that they are not connected at all.

Fake partners


Fake and illegal company

Lorikeet claims to be headquartered in the United Kingdom. But it is not true. The company is not registered there.

What is more, the Financial Conduct Authority, which is the financial regulator in the United Kingdom, has blacklisted Lorikeet as an unauthorized financial service!

Lorikeet as an investment company is fake, it does not exist in the UK, it is not registered there. The same applies to all other countries, like Switzerland, Australia or India, the company is not registered there as an authorized investment service.

This means that Lorikeet’s services can’t be offered legally in most countries of the world. Also, deposits with this company are not protected in any way and can disappear any time.

Just look at the plans

The quickest way to see that Lorikeet is a scam, is to look at the investment plans. Because 6 to 26% monthly returns speak for themselves.

To be clear, no legitimate business can generate 26% monthly returns to their customers, it’s just impossible. Let alone in gold spot trading. Financial markets are mostly unpredictable, so it is very hard to achieve profits in trading.

This is not to say that nobody can profit in financial markets, in fact many people do. But nobody is able to generate a steady 26% per month as a company for their clients. That is a a fact.

Imagine for a moment that you can generate 30% monthly or more. Would you give 26% of that to people for free and keep just 4% for yourself? Of course not.

The typical argument of scammers is that they need capital to trade big. Well, in that case, if you are a profitable trader with a proven track record, you can always get a loan for let’s say 15% per year, so you don’t have to pay 26% monthly to you users.

Lorikeet scam investment plans

How Lorikeet works

Lorikeet Investment was built as a Ponzi scheme, it is obvious from its structure. The only thing it does is taking money from new users and transferring it to older members.

In other words, the company is not making any money in real financial trading, it just runs an illegal financial pyramid.

It certainly does not have 130 million users worldwide, it is much smaller and it is destined to crash. As soon as deposits from new members don’t cover withdrawal requests, it will collapse.

Early signs will be delayed payments and excuses about why it is happening. So stay away from it.

Fake company

Lorikeet review – Conclusion

Lorikeet is a fake investment company that has already been blacklisted in the United Kingdom, where it supposedly is based. It is also a financial scam based on the infamous Ponzi scheme.

Don’t believe any offer that promises 6 – 26% monthly like Lorikeet, only scams display numbers of this kind.


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9 thoughts on “Discreet SCAM: Lorikeet review”

  1. Dear Sir.
    I thank u very much for disclosing a very good and true facts about the Lorikeet trading company by which many people who have intention to invest in this fake company can take back thie plan or idea of investing in this scam company. I am so unlucky for having read your message. Today I lost INR 22500 IN JUST 6 MINUTES doing trading online as per instructions by this fake company. Some of my friends have lost lakhs of Indian currency today. I have placed a request for withdraw of meagre amount of 3400 a week ago which is still not released by this fraud company. Thank u sir.

  2. Dear sir,
    Am also lost 1.2lakhs indian currency by lorikeet,
    Any chance to get back our money,
    Not only me in my circle almost 35 people are lost them money

  3. Dear Sir,

    I Satendra Yadav declare that i have invested amount of 150000 in a trading company Lorikeet. me and my team has invested 500000 rs in this company. In this trading company.we were earning money through Bid and trading from last 6 months.

    But now whatever money we have earned through this company, we are not able to withdraw it. They have frozen our acount and their team member are not allowing us to withdraw our money. they are not even replying our msgs.
    dSo, we are in a situation to lost our all the money and get threthen. They have stoped to allow us withdraw our invested amount as well. After asking the reason they are not replying and saying to wait and giving several excuses.and delaying process day by day

    So, please file our complaint against this company and help us to get back our money. Our kindly request to you, please take strict action against Lorikeet and ban this company.
    i am attaching here all the relevent proofs and company members details. I also attached transection details with this complaint letter.

    With the hope of your kind help, thank you.

    Company name:- Lorikeet Technologies Private Limited.
    Manager details:- Mrs. Eunice (mo.- +44 7727496367)
    other company member: 1) Mr. Charles (mo.- +44 7360827345)
    2) Sunaina (mo.- +60 11-40707616)
    mail Id:- [email protected], [email protected]
    CIN no. :- U72900HR2020PTC091572
    PAN no. :- AAECL4527C
    TAN no.:- RTKL03291B
    head offfice India :- Plot 76-D Udyog Vihar, Phase-4 Gurugram Gurgaon Hariyana-122001, India.

  4. John Thoppil George

    Sir, I also lost large amount thru this scam. Is there a way to recover my investments

    Kindly advise


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