LSG Financial review – Deadly SCAM

This review reveals that LSG Financial (Liam, Sachwell & Galahad) is an investment scam that is to be avoided.

What is LSG Financial

LSG Financial is an investment company based in the United States. The LSG abbreviation stands for Liam, Sachwell & Galahad.

You can open an account with LSG and let the company invest your money in different assets, such as stocks or cryptocurrencies.

The company promises daily 0.5% returns on your investment, and 0.6% daily if you are compounding.

Is LSG Financial legit? No, it is not, it’s a complete scam.

LSG Financial review

LSG Financial scam

In this LSG Financial review we present you 5 proofs that this investment company is a scam. Here they are.

Non-existing company

Our first steps in our research about LSG led us to verifying the company’s background. LSG Financial has posted several profiles on the internet, such as the one on TechCrunch that you can see in our picture below.

It claims that it is based in Delaware and that it was founded in 2005. But that’s a lie. There is no LSG Financial company registered in Delaware.

Also, the domain was first registered in 2021, so the project certainly did not start in 2005. These two lies make LSG Financial a scam.

On its official website, this fake company also provides an address in Michigan, but on that address there is a different company with a similar name. They have nothing in common.

The company does not exist

Not registered and illegal

On its website, LSG says that it is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), among other institutions. But that’s just another lie.

A search in SEC’s registers shows that LSG Financial is not registered. It means that it is not authorized to provide investment services.

In other words, LSG Financial is an illegal investment service, it is breaking the laws in the United States.

LSG is not authorized as an investment service anywhere in the world.

No SEC registration

Fake media publicity

LSG Financial is showing different quotes from renowned media that supposedly published articles about the company. Like for example Bloomberg, Forbes The New York Times, or Business Insider.

But everything is fake. You can search on websites of all those media and you won’t find a single article about LSG Financial.

So that’s another lie in LSG’s portfolio and a proof that it’s a scam.

Fake media mentions

Fake insurance

To make you feel secure and comfortable with investing with LSG, the company claims that clients’ accounts are insured up to 500,000 USD with Lloyd’s.

That is not true. You can contact Llloyd’s, and you will see that they have never even heard about LSG Financials.

LSG Financial scam insurance

The returns…

And finally, let’s address in this LSG Financial review the returns on investment promised by the company. 0.5% daily represent 15% per month.

15% is something that the best investment firms will do in a year and consider themselves lucky. In other words, 15% per month is impossible for a legit investment firm that is doing real investing on real markets. That’s just reality.

15% per month is a huge signal that you are dealing with a scam, especially when it is based on stable daily returns like 0.5%. Nobody can achieve steady daily returns on investment.

So yes, the ROI is also a proof that LSG is a scam.

How LSG Financial works

LSG Financial is a scam, we have proved that in this review. It seems that they tried to operate as a Ponzi scheme. Which means taking new deposits and using them for payouts.

In any case LSG is destined to collapse hard, if by chance you are getting paid, try to get out as quickly as you can, because a crash is coming. Ponzi schemes like LSG, Doorway Financial or Sage More always crash in the end.

LSG Financial review – Conclusion

LSG Financial is a financial scam. Its official website is full of lies that prove it. It is not registered nor authorized to offer investment services.

If LSG was ever paying, it used the Ponzi model to run. You have to stay away from it if you don’t want to lose money.

8 thoughts on “LSG Financial review – Deadly SCAM”

  1. It is a scam it just shut down its website on 17th feb 2022 and ran off with millions. People who recruited us into this scam said they have been in it 7 years . So either they were part of the scam or the company was unsustainable in the end . December 2022 LSg registered with the uk companies house .. red herring I think for their exit scam so investors drop in more funds . So many online scams . Not worth investing in any of them . They scam locking big investors funds into compounding portfolio so they can’t withdraw big daily profits . I just found out they did this to 5 large accounts. They use big investors monies to pay small investors who keep recruiting. Behind mlm has a good article on this company. Mabcredit is the other similar scam . Avoid them. We were sent an otp code from mabcredit when we tried to withdraw from

      1. I think mabcredit and Lsg are run by the same scammers as their back office looks identical and the fact we got an OTP code email from mabcredit when we withdraw from LSG says it all

        Thanks for your thorough review of these two companies you’re doing a great job I should have checked these websites for the finer details . End of the day people should only invest pocket money they can afford to lose. Dropping tens of thousands into these scams is just crazy . A legit company paying this much means you can do well long term with only. 500-1k investment so there is no need to drop 10-50k in and take huge risks

    1. Thank you. Wish you did Lsg review in 2021 or 2022 could have saved many loosing a lot. I think the thing is strangers recruiting people on telegram showing proof of withdraw from many years ago .. I’ve sent them
      Do this with COTPS .. but it can all be faked / photoshopped . In general if a company shows no transparency with company ownership.. even corporate board then it’s highly likely a scam . Real companies don’t hide their management team and blame on “ crypto “ therefore we can’t show face. Only criminals lurk in the dark. I won’t be investing with any online platforms.. just self trade forex with my bot now.

      1. I do my research, but I also rely on what people ask me to review. Unfortunately, I did not know about LSG Financial earlier. I wrote the review as soon as I learned about it.

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