Lusate review – POOR scam *Don’t fall for it!*

Read this review of Lusate to understand that this investment platform is a poor scam that will make you lose money if you join it.

What is Lusate

Lusate is a retail investment platform. The company behind it allegedly manages over 190 billion USD on behalf of over 3 million investor and has over 6,000 employees. It is located in Dublin, Ireland.

There is a wide range of Lusate investment plans with daily returns on investment up to 2.6%. You can start investing with 100 USD.

Is Lusate a legitimate investment company that you can trust with your money? No, it is not. It’s a scam that you should avoid.

Lusate review

Lusate scam

We have investigated Lusate and came to the conclusion that it is a fraudulent platform running an illegal investment scheme that is going to fail. In this review we provide you with all the details and proofs.

Fake and illegal company

The first thing we checked about Lusate Inc. is its background. The company says it is based in Ireland.

The problem is that there is no Lusate company registered in Ireland, you can see for yourself in the official registry.

It goes without saying that Lusate is not authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland to provide investment services, since it does not even exist as a company.

This means that Lusate Inc. is a fake company that is providing illegal investment services.

Fake Lusate company

Fake history

Lusate claims on its official website that the company was founded in 2011, which obviously is not true. As we have already demonstrated, the company does not even exist.

But what about its website? The domain was first registered in 2015, but in 2019 it was still empty. It’s only last year that the current investment offer appeared.

So no, Lusate certainly is not a 12 year old company. It is lying about its history and it is a scam.

Fake company's history

Fake partners

At this stage of the Lusate review it should not come as a surprise that even the partners section on its official section is fake. It lists several companies but none of them is a partner of Lusate.

You can verify this by contacting for example Allianz that is listed as Lusate’s partner. Allianz does not have anything in common with this investment platform at all.

Fake partners

Scam ROI

The easiest way to prove that Lusate is a scam is to look at the investment plans. Because they are absolutely ridiculous.

2.6% daily is a number that only a scam can display and offer. You can be absolutely sure that any investment offer with such a daily ROI is a total fraud that you have to stay away from.

Was something like this possible, for most people it would be an easy way to retire immediately. You can imagine what the world would look like then…

The conclusion is very simple, Lusate’s investment offer is a proof of scam in itself.

Scam returns

How the Lusate scam works

Let’s round up this Lusate review by explaining how this investment scheme works. Because it still might be paying its users, which can confuse a lot of people.

Lusate is a simple Ponzi scheme that is not investing money at all. It just takes money from new depositors and gives it to older members who joined before. It is an illegal pyramid.

That is why there are lockups and incentives for members not to withdraw their profits. The scheme needs more and more money on deposits to sustain its scam mechanics, which can only work for so long.

Lusate is sure to collapse and lose money to everybody involved. That is why you should not even start with it, you should stay away.

The platform accepts deposits only in crypto, which means that they are irreversible and once the house of cards crumble, you won’t be able to get anything back.

How the Lusate scam works

Lusate review – Conclusion

Lusate is a fake company, an illegal investment scheme and a Ponzi scam. We proved that in this review.

You should not invest any money with Lusate because you would be almost certain to lose everything.

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