MAB Credit review – That’s a dirty SCAM

In this review you will learn that MabCredit is not a legitimate investment opportunity because it’s an investment scam that is not going to end well.

What is MAB Credit

MABCredit presents itself as a global investment company. It provides its investment services to institutions, financial advisors and people.

The company provides wealth management, asset management and trading services to its clients.

The main offer of MAB Credit is a range of investment plans. Daily returns start at 0.7% and go up to 1.86%. The yield is earned every day from Monday to Friday.

The minimum investment is 100 USD for the lowest plan with a 0.7% daily ROI.

Should you invest your money with MAB Credit, is it a legitimate company? No, it is not, and in this review we explain why.

Mab Credit review

MABCredit is a scam

Our research has clearly shown that MAB Credit is a scam. It is run by a fake company that is not registered nor authorized to provide investment services. Here are all the details.

Not registered and illegal

On its official website, MAB Credit says that it is based Wilmington, Delaware, United States. So first we had a look at the company, its registration, licenses, etc.

But we could not find anything. There is no MAB Credit company registered in Delaware, as you can see for yourself. There is no registered company with even a similar name with the Delaware Avenue address.

Next we checked with the EDGAR and FINRA databases whether MAB Credit is registered as a financial or investment services provider. And again, we found no trace of the company in these registers.

So the conclusion is pretty simple, MABCredit is a fake company, it is not registered in Delaware. What is even worse, is that it’s an illegal investment service, because it is not authorized at home in the United States.

The company does not seem to be licensed anywhere in the world, which means that it can’t offer its services in any country in the world.

MABCredit scam

Investment plans are a giveaway

In our reviews we often stress the importance of common sense when looking at investment offers. It’s because you often don’t need to do any background checks, the whole story is told by numbers.

And this approach is perfectly valid with MAB Credit. Because daily (weekdays) returns from 0.7 to 1.86 are a proof of scam in themselves.

They represent monthly returns from 4.7 to 39.06%, which is totally absurd. It really has to be basic knowledge that there is no legitimate way for an investment company to generate steady daily and monthly returns of this magnitude, it’s just impossible.

You can be absolutely sure that any investment offer with 40% monthly returns is a total scam that you have to avoid. This is a fact. We know a lot of people don’t like it, but that really is the way it is.

Accept it as a fact and it will help you avoid many scams in the future.

Investment fraud

How MABCredit really works

Given the way the investment plans are structured and seeing the referral program, we can conclude that MAB Credit is run as a Ponzi scheme.

This means that they just take money from one person to give it to somebody else. It is just an illegal financial scheme that transfers money between new and old members.

It creates no value, it generates no legitimate profits, there is no investing, trading or anything else of this kind. Just a scam that has a crash in its DNA.

Don’t try to time your participation in MAB Credit in the hope that you can be profitable. Just stay away from this fraudulent platform.

How it works

MAB Credit review – Conclusion

MAB Credit is run by a fake company that is not authorized to provide any financial services, it is a total scam.

It runs as a Ponzi scheme, so there might be some members that get paid, but the program is destined to collapse, so avoid it.

23 thoughts on “MAB Credit review – That’s a dirty SCAM”

    1. Sjaak Van Gelderen

      MABCREDIT is fake , ik heb geld ingelegd maar krijg niets terug en geen reactie op emails blijf ervan weg

      1. Je weet dat je een bepaald contract van een 6 tot 9 maanden hebt waar je geld dan eigenlijk in zit en pas na die aantal maanden eruit gehaald kan worden?

  1. Mijn 9 maanden zitten erop 25k met een inleg van 5k joee !
    Mensen die het een scam vinden lekker blijven werken tot je pensioen xD

    1. Either you are a scammer or a naive investor riding a Ponzi scheme. Either way your comment is not worth anything because you can make people sign up for a scam that will lose them money.

      1. I understand that nowadays every normal and abnormal person can write anything on the internet… I would simply like to know if you have any evidence for your claim…

          1. Thank you for your kind words. You proved a point. But a different one than you hoped 😀

      1. Een audit die bij mij nu al langer dan een jaar duurt?
        Ik geloof er niet meer in en heb grote bedenking over mabcredit.
        Ze geven ook geen antwoord op mijn mailtjes.

  2. Yeah, it is fake for stubid homeless idiots who dont have even $100. And this poor people is saying bullsh*t, bc they are mad, bc they are to dumb to find a job. Fu*k yall haters ***

    1. From what I can tell Capital Partners is not MAB Credit, these are not the same names. MAB Credit scammers probably tricked somehow the webmaster of Open Corporates to include their URL in the profile of the company, a company that seems not to be active for years.

      Check with Delaware authorities to get a confirmation that MAB Credit is an illegal financial service:

  3. there website domain exist as long as the company does, can you explain that?
    Scam website’s don’t exist that long.

    1. I don’t understand what you are saying. A domain name will exist as long as somebody paid for its existence, that’s all. You pay in advance, at least one year. So if you buy a domain for let’s say 3 years, the company can disappear within a few months and the domain name will still be there even two years later.

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