PURE SCAM: Master Capital Online review

In this review we prove that Master Capital Online is an investment scam that is made to lose your investment.

What is Master Capital Online

Master Capital Online at mastercapital.online presents itself as an “experienced investment company” that offers diverse investment plans to customers.

The company is said to be investing on traditional financial markets, such as Forex, and in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Master Capital’s offer consists of four investment plans with returns going up to 150% in 96 hours (4 days). Which means 37.5% per day. Since principal is included, the net return on investment is 12.5% per day.

On top of that, you can refer new customers to this investment service and earn a 5% referral commission.

Master Capital Online claims to be registered and authorized in the United Kingdom. But is it true, is Master Capital Online legit? No, it is not.

Master Capital Online review

Master Capital Online scam

In this Master Capital Online review we show that this investment program is a pure scam that is meant to separate you from your money.

No legit company

The claim that Master Capital Online is registered and authorized in the UK, simply is not true. No company with this name based Threadneedle Street is registered in the UK.

It means that it is a fictitious company that is lying about its identity, which makes it a scam.

Master Capital Online scam

Illegal investment service

Every investment company in the United Kingdom has to be authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, otherwise it is illegal.

As you can probably guess by now, Master Capital Online is not authorized by the FCA, therefore it is an illegal investment service.

It appears that the company is not authorized by any financial regulator in the world, which means that it can’t offer its investment services in any country in the world.

And finally, the plans…

The quickest way to tell that Master Capital Online is a scam is to look at the investment plans. You don’t even really need to read this review to see it, it really is that simple.

It’s because the company is offering up to 12.5% net daily ROI, which is absolutely ridiculous. In fact, you can be absolutely certain that any investment offer with 10% or higher daily ROI is a total scam.

There just is no other way, because there is no legitimate way to achieve such returns on investment daily. That’s reality, you should accept it as soon as possible, it will help you avoid many scams in the future.

Scam investment plans

How Master Capital Online works in reality

Master Capital Online is an investment scam. If someone ever got paid by this program, it was because it tried to run a Ponzi scheme. This means that it was using users’ deposits to pay older withdrawal requests.

Ponzi schemes are illegal and doomed to collapse. With the ridiculously high returns that Master Capital is offering, it is obvious that it can no longer be paying people, even as a Ponzi scam.

It is a simple fraud that is just taking money away from people and giving them nothing back. You have to stay away from it, every investment with this fake and fraudulent company will be lost!

Master Capital Online review – Conclusion

Master Capital Online is an investment scam, as we have proved in our review. It is run as an illegal investment service by a fake company, and it is not paying its customers.

You have to satay away from Master Capital Online and every other investment offer that is promising returns on investment as high as this, meaning 10% or more per day.

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