MET500 review – Fake staking, pure SCAM

In this MET500 review we describe the investment scam that is powering this fake crypto staking platform.

What is MET500

MET500 is described on its official website as a cryptocurrency staking platform that allows you to earn money on your crypto tokens.

You have to deposit your crypto on the platform and then you will earn up to 2.5% daily returns. The lockup period is from 30 to 90 days.

The minimum deposit depends on the cryptocurrency. For Bitcoin, it is 0.003 BTC, for Ethereum it is 0.03 ETH, for XRP it is 80 XRP, etc.

MET500 says it is based in the United Kingdom. But is it a legitimate platform, should you trust it? No, MET500 is not legit, it’s a scam.

MET500 review

MET500 scam

Met500 is not a real staking platform, it is a scam that is going to collapse, if it has not already happened by the time you are reading this review.

Fake staking

When you deposit your cryptocurrency on the Met500 platform, it is not staked. And it’s easy to prove.

It’s because the platform rightly defines staking as locking your tokens in the process of validating transactions on a blockchain, while it is offering this service for tokens like Bitcoin,  XRP and USDT.

Bitcoin is based on proof of work, which means that transactions are validated through mining, not staking. In other words, in reality, Bitcoin can’t be staked.

The XRP Ledger does not use a proof of stake algorithm, XRP can’t be staked to earn rewards, see our Ripple XRP staking review.

USDT is always a secondary token in other blockchains like Ethereum or Tron, therefore it can’t be staked for validating transactions either.

This clearly shows that MET500 is a scam.

Fake staking

Insane rewards

Another proof worth mentioning in this MET500 review is the rewards, which are promised in the range of 1 to 2.5% daily.

This is again another nonsense, because it means 30 to 75% per month, which is something that is impossible in cryptocurrency staking. Literally impossible.

Among the blockchains that MET500 is offering staking for and really are based on proof of stake, there is not one that could generate you even 20% per year.

Yet, the platform promises more than that in a single month. Which makes it obvious that it’s total fraud.

MET500 scam staking rewards

The company behind

MET500 would like you to believe that it is legitimate because the company is registered in the UK.

The problem is that a company registration means nothing, the Companies House does not verify the legitimacy of a business when registering.

In fact, we have seen countless scams with a company registration in the UK. They register, they scam people and within a year the company is dissolved. That’s how it works in these case.

How the MET500 scam works

MET500 is a quick scam. It will steal as much money as possible from people and disappear.

It can use the principles of a Ponzi scheme to pay some member in the beginning stages, which will be just to attract more investors.

But 1 – 2.5% daily returns are highly unsustainable even for a Ponzi scheme, so MET500 is sure to crash pretty quickly.

MET500 reivew – Conclusion

MET500 is a fake cryptocurrency staking platform. It is a scam that was made to steal your crypto token, you have to stay away from it.

It is impossible to earn 1% daily or more in crypto staking. Anybody saying otherwise is a scammer and you have to avoid them.

19 thoughts on “MET500 review – Fake staking, pure SCAM”

  1. Regarding your website’s slander and defamation of MET500 LTD, our company has collected relevant information and submitted it to the court to initiate a lawsuit. Please pay attention to the lawyer’s letter!

    1. 😀 😀 😀 😀 Thank you, you made my day.

      If I got 1 dollar every time scammers come to threaten me with lawsuits when I expose them, I would by laying on a beach right now 😀

      1. I have read all your articles, and they are all about digital currency without exception. Is it to attract the attention of digital currency players, use their confused trust, and then buy the NFT you launched? I don’t know your real purpose,
        Since the emergence of digital currency, there has indeed been a lot of controversy. At first, many economists thought it was a hoax. Over the years, Bitcoin has risen from pennies to tens of thousands of dollars. Many people who said it was a scam at the time held more bitcoin and made more money from it. Whether it is the stock market or digital currency, there will be ups and downs. Call it a scam when you lose, and feel good about yourself when you win? When Musk built cars, rockets, and satellites, people kept jumping out and saying that he was a liar, and many articles were written saying that he was fake. In the end, it’s all true, but those people don’t have a long-term vision, and you can only make as much money as you have knowledge reserves, do it yourself, don’t mislead others

        1. Where on this website I am selling NFTs? How would readers of this review even learn about my NFTs?

          I don’t care about your stories, MET500 is a scam. Period.

          1. Follow me on Twitter

            You have fundraising NFT on these platforms

          2. Because when you somebody reads this MET500 review then they go to those platforms, sure…

            But even if they did, you missed the note that I am not selling the NFTs, I am giving them away for free 😀

        2. Met500 I invested in your platform and have not received my withdraw request I made on May 9, 2023 (6 days ago)… I didn’t receive my previous request either. The requests just sits in the “history” page in “withdraw request” status. I’m very well experienced in crypto wallet transactions and it never takes this long. There use to be a chat feature but that’s gone. I’ve reached out to customer support regarding this problem. No response!!! All signs point to SCAM!!

  2. As an IT person, I am also curious why this review site is not formal and your website tries to hide the real domain name. I do find that the domain behind you is full of potential customers generating investment. Why are there so many fake domains on your website? I don’t need to jump off the bus. When a fair and impartial exposure site would recommend the NTF that is crashing. Because I think you’re full of hidden motives. Or how much do you get paid to help the NTF get publicity and then hack other sites?

    1. This site is not formal? What does that mean?
      My website tries to hide the real domain name? What nonsense it that? You can’t hide a domain name of a website.
      What domain is behind me?
      What fake domains are here?
      What NFT is this site recommending?

      I’ve never seen so much nonsense in a comment like yours.

        1. I am not getting my withdrawals too and the live support icon vanished…i lost bad and the worst is i gave the idea to a relative its all theri money…MT500 you will burn in hell

  3. Is it because the company is affecting your money? Are you going to discredit this company now?
    I earn 300USDT per day in MET500. If this is a lie, what else is real? I actually deposited the money into my UPI ID, it’s not fake.

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