Neumann Wallet review: Stay away from this SCAM

Read the review of Neumann Wallet to understand that it’s an investment scam that can’t make you any legitimate money.

What is Neumann Wallet

Neumann Wallet is a cryptocurrency investment platform. It uses the Neumann AI trading robot as an algorithm that generates profits in crypto trading. That is what its official website says.

Based on users feedback Neuman Wallet promises daily returns on investment from 3.5 to 4%.

Neumann Wallet is run by a company called Neumann Limited that is incorporated in Colorado and registered with the FinCEN.

Is Neumann Wallet legit? No, it’s a scam that you’d better stay away from. Here is a detailed explanation.

Neumann Wallet review

Neumann Wallet scam

Neumann is basically an empty company that just has a formal registration, but it is run by scammers who hide their real identity. The platform is not generating any profits in trading, it is just running an illegal financial scheme.

Not authorized and illegal

What is supposed to make Neumann Wallet legitimate, is that it is registered in the United States and supposedly regulated. But in reality its registration is worth nothing and it is not regulated.

Let’s start with the Neumann Limited registration. The company’s address is 1801 Wewetta Street, Denver, CO 80202, United States. You will find that lots of companies rent an office on this address and they are not physically present there.

What is even more important, is that Neumann Wallet is an unauthorized and illegal investment service.

It claims that it is supervised by the National Futures Association by giving the NFA ID 0544729. But when you do a search on NFA’s website about this number, you will find out that it belongs to Bitstream Circle, which is another scam that has already crashed and it is not subject to NFA oversight (see our picture).

The last remaining registration is the one with FinCEN. In reality anybody can register with FinCEN using an online form, the FinCEN does not verify the information you submit.

FinCEN is not a financial regulator that oversees what registrants are doing, it’s clearly stated on its website: “The inclusion of a business on the MSB Registrant Search Web page is not a recommendation,
certification of legitimacy, or endorsement of the business by any government agency.

We have seen many investment scams abusing this registration process, like Pioneers AI, AI Tiger or Sunony Exchange.

In other words, a FinCEN registration is not a license granted by the authority and it does not say anything about the legitimacy of a business whatsoever.

The takeaway from this part of the review is that Neumann Wallet is not regulated nor authorized to provide investment services in any way.

Neumann Limited is not authorized

Fake team

Another thing that proves that Neumann Wallet is a scam is the alleged team of its managers. Charley Rolseth, Kirby Shaban, Humberto Jacob and Jamison Pytel are made up names, these people don’t exist.

Their pictures come different places on the internet, but none of people you see on the photos are involved with Neumann Wallet in any way.

Neumann Wallet scam team

The ROI story

According to testimonials from users Neumann Wallet promises up to 4% daily returns on investment. Which in itself is a proof that you it is a fraudulent offer.

Like it or not, there is no legit way to make 4% daily returns. Not in crypto, not in trading, not in any activity in the world, it’s just impossible.

You can be absolutely certain that any offer with 3 or 4% daily ROI is a total scam, there is no other possibility.

You can verify it with any licensed investment advisor and the sooner you accept the fact, the sooner you will equipped to avoid many investment scams.

How the Neumann Wallet scam works

Some people are reporting that they are still able to withdraw some of their profits from Neumann Wallet. But this does not invalidate the conclusion of this review in any way.

It only indicates that Neumann Wallet is operating a Ponzi scheme. It uses money from deposits to pay some smaller withdrawals. All this just to attract more investors and more money.

But it is destined to collapse. Ponzi schemes always crash in the end, it’s just a matter of time. And you cannot know when it happens, so the best thing you can do is stay away from it.

The Neumann app at is just a facade.

Neumann Wallet review – Conclusion

Neumann wallet is an illegal financial scheme that is lying on all fronts. It is not authorized and most importantly it is not generating profits in a legal way.

It’s a scam that is running a Ponzi scheme, which means that it is sure to collapse. That is why you have to avoid it.


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    1. If you lost USDT, nobody can help you recover it, because cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. The only thing you can do is go to the police and file a complaint.

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