Omega Pro Trade review – A reborn SCAM (alert)

This review of OmegaProTrade addresses the red flags that should make you stay away from this fraudulent investment platform.

What is Omega Pro Trade

Omega Trade Pro is an investment platform that is said to be earning money to its investors. The company does not explain how it invests, which assets it buys, etc.

The only thing presented to the public are investment plans where you deposit money with an expectation of profit.

The starter plan allegedly will reward you with a 15% return on investment just after 12 hours, which means 30% per day. The minimum investment is 30 USD.

Omega Pro Trade claims to be run by a company called Yesss Capital registered in the United Kingdom.

But is OmegaProTrade legit? No, it is not, it’s a pure scam.

OmegaProTrade review

Omega Pro Trade scam

Omega Pro Trade is a fraudulent investment platform that is not registered nor authorized. If you invest money on this platform, you will lose it. Here is the explanation.

Fake company

Omega Pro Trade claims to be registered and authorized in the United Kingdom. But it is not true, no company of this name is registered in the UK.

One place of their official website claims that OmegaProTrade is run by a company called Yesss Capital, but it is not true either.

As you can see, Yesss Capital has not listed Omega Pro Trade among companies that it has any relationship with.

On the other hand, Omega Pro Trade is using the name of a well-known and now defunct scam OmegaPro that we have reviewed and warned against a long time ago. It is not a link you want to see from an investment platform.

In other words, OmegaProTrade is an illegal investment platform because it has not been authorized by any financial regulator in the world.

Omega Pro Trade fake company

It’s the returns

In an ideal world you would not even need to read this Omega Pro Trade review to see that their investment platform is a scam. How is that possible? All you need to do is look at their investment plans.

15% ROI after 12 hours or 30% daily is a proof in itself that OmegaProTrade is a scam. Yes, it is as simple as that.

Because the reality is that no legitimate investment company is able to generate 30% daily, not even weekly or monthly. That’s just the way it is.

So you know that it is a scam, because they are offering you something that is not possible in the real world.

Impossible investment plans

How the Omega Pro Trade scam works

OmegaProTrade offers returns so hight that it probably is no longer paying its users. If it is still paying or ever was paying, it is because it was designed as a Ponzi scheme.

It means that money is just being transferred from older to new members. There is no real investment activity going on.

Such a scheme always ends in a total collapse because the withdrawals can’t be supported by new deposits indefinitely. It is always only a matter of time.

This is why you have to stay away from Omega Pro Trade, it’s a scam that is sure to collapse and lose money to people who invested in it.

Omega Pro Trade scam

OmegaPro Trade review – Conclusion

In this review we explained that Omega Pro Trade is an unregulated and illegal investment service that offers no protection to its users.

It is a total scam that runs a Ponzi scheme, which means that it is destined to crash hard and lose money. You have to avoid it.

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