Optimus Trading Bot review – Fierce SCAM

Thanks to this review you will understand that Optimus AI with its trading robot is a scam that you should not put your money in.

What is Optimus AI trading bot

Optimus is an online blockchain project that supposedly has an AI trading bot that generates substantial profits. It trades OPT3 and other tokens.

The Optimus robot allegedly earns an average return of 1% every single day to every user.

All you have to do is buy the OPT3 token and your profits will be added to your account every day.

But is it so? Is Optimus legitimate? No, it is not, it is a very simple scam that is going to crash.

Optimus AI Trading Bot review

Optimus AI trading bot scam

Our analysis shows that the Optimus trading bot is pure fiction, there is no profitable trading software, just a scam.

Common nonsense

The Optimus robot is supposed to trade different digital assets, that’s what is generating the profits.

You have to buy the OPT3 token and hold it in your wallet to earn 1% daily. But your profits will be paid in OPT3. This means that you will just be getting more of the OPT3 token.

The first problem that everybody should see is that if the token loses value against fiat money, the high yield won’t save and you will still be losing money.

The second problem is that Optimus is obviously just „printing“ new tokens, that’s how they artificially create the profits.

In their whitepaper they say that they also burn 1% of OPT3 tokens held in liquidity. Which does not make sense at all. They increase the supply to give you 1% and then they burn 1% while saying that it makes the token deflationary. It doesn’t.

And they claim that they provide you with a secure, long-term, passive income. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

OPT3 is not traded on any exchange, it’s just in decentralized liquidity pools. Which means that a rug pull can happen. And we are pretty much sure it will happen.

There is nothing secure and sustainable on getting paid with an anonymous crypto token printed out of thin air.

You create token X, you sell it for true money and you promise that you will pay people who buy and hold your token with your token. While you get their hard earned real money.

Does that sound like a good plan to you?


Common sense

We have to repeat this in every review, use common sense and basic economic knowledge for a first assessment of any investment offer.

1% daily? You don’t need to look at anything else and you can be sure it’s a scam, especially when it’s run by anonymous people who claim they have a miraculous trading robot.

That’s just the way it is, accept it.

How the Optimus scam works

We have already touched this subject, but let us know explain in simple terms, how the Optimus Trading Bot scam works.

People who run this fraud created the OPT token. They promise you 1% daily returns on investment, if you buy and hold their token.

The caveat is that your profits will be paid in the OPT token. This means that you will pay them with your real cryptocurrency and in exchange you will receive the OPT3 scam token.

Fraudsters who run this show will be sending you more and more of their OPT token, and once they see that interest in their scam is fading, they will pull the liquidity out of all OPT3 liquidity pools.

This way they will get all the remaining real money, while their victims will be left with the OPT3 token that they won’t be able to sell. It is as simple as that.

How the Optimu scam works

Optimus AI Trading Bot review – Conclusion

The Optimus Trading Bot is a scam. There is no profitable trading robot, just a scam token (OPT3) that has no value or other purpose than get your real cryptocurrencies and transfer it to scammers.

Forget about 1% daily ROI, no legitimate investment program can generate them to their users.

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