Awful scam: Passive Fxtrade review [Beware]

This review examines the Passive FX Trade crypto trading platform that offers passive income plans thanks to copy trading and bots. It is a fraud.

What is Passive FxTrade

Passive Fxtrade is defined as a crypto trading platform that offers different automation levels to users. They can copy trades from other users, trade themselves or use trading robots.

There are four different income plans with minimum deposits starting at 500 USD. The starting plan supposedly will earn you 600%, although it is not said how long will it take.

Passive Fxtrade claims to be licensed in two countries: the United States of America and the Virgin Islands. The concerned certificates are displayed on its official website.

But is Passive Fxtrade a legitimate investment platform? No, it is not. In fact, it’s an investment scam.

Passive Fxtrade review

Passive FX Trade scam

In this Passive FXtrade review we will show you proofs that this platform is fraudulent. It is meant to lose your money, not to earn you anything. It is a dangerous offer that you should avoid.

Fake team

One very tangible proof that Passive Fxtrade is a scam is in the section of its official website called „Meet the team“.

There you will see photos and names of people who allegedly lead the company. But everything is fake. People on those photos have nothing to do with Passive Fxtrade.

Take David Rodriguez as an example. He works for Zignaly, which has nothing in common with the Passive Fxtrade platform. They used his photo and name without his consent.

Fake team

Fake testimonials

The same sham technique was used by Passive FX Trade on the testimonials. They took photos of people who don’t even know about this investment platform and made up some user reviews to accompany them.

You can see a proof in our picture below. This is a stock photo of a woman that has never touched the Passive Fxtrade platform. Here story and earnings are of course fake.

Fake testimonials

Fake certificates

Passive FxTrade forged the certificates that say that it is licensed in the Virgin Islands and the United States.

The US certificate says at the bottom „Official seal of SEC state“. The SEC is the Securities and Exchange Commission and Passive Fxtrade was never authorized by it.

You can check on SEC’s website that this platform is not registered to provide any kind of financial services.

These forged certificates make Passive FxTrade a total scam.

Fake certificates

Weird income plans

You don’t even need to read this Passive Fxtrade review to see that there is something wrong with the platform. Because if you look at their investment plans, something obviously does not add up.

First of all, if they say how much you will earn but they don’t say how long it will take, a crucial piece of information is missing. It is either a huge mistake or it is done or purpose to hide the true nature of the program.

But even if all the income plans took an entire year to generate the profits, it would still be too much for any legit platform. The basic plan with 600% returns says it all. No legit investment platform can offer that.

Which simply means that Passive Fxtrade is a scam.

Income plans

How the Passive Fxtrade scam works

Passive FX Trade is a fraudulent investment platform where all your money is going to disappear. You won’t get paid any profits, you won’t even be able to get your deposit back.

That is because they push people to deposit with cryptocurrencies, and those transactions can’t be reversed.

Passive FxTrade might have started as a Ponzi scheme that was paying its users using recent deposits, but it always was a scam destined to collapse.

How the Passive Fxtrade scam works

Passive Fxtrade review – Conclusion

Passive FxTrade is a scam. Its official website is full of fake team profiles, fake testimonials and fake certificates. The platform is not authorized in any country and it is illegal.

Don’t deposit any money with this investment platform, you would immediately lose it. If they ask you to pay any fees to be able to withdraw, don’t do it, it’s just another trap.

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