Pitsillos Investments review – A pure SCAM [Stay away]

This review analyzes the Pitsillos Investments offer that promises you up to 3% daily returns on your investment. We explain that it is a scam.

What is Pitsillos Investments

Pitsillos Investments presents itself as a leading cryptocurrency investment company that is offering premium investment services, both to individuals and corporations.

The company offers three investment plans with daily returns from 1.9 to 3%. The minimum investment amount is 200 USD and the duration of the investment is 6 or 18 days.

Pitsillos Investments claims to be fully regulated in the United Kingdom and Cyprus. But is it true, is it a legitimate company and investment offer? No, it’s not.

Pitsillos Investments review

Pitsillos Investments is a scam

Our investigation clearly showed that Pitsillos is not legitimate. In fact, it is an outright scam, total fraud. Here are the details.

Unregulated and illegal

As we have already mentioned, Pitsillos claims to be fully regulated in two countries: the UK and Cyprus. Which is strange, because it also claims that is based in Australia. Normally, the first country where you get a license, is the one you are headquartered in.

The truth is that Pitsillos Investments is not regulated anywhere. You can search in the registers of ASIC, the CySEC or FCA, and you will find no trace of Pitsillos.

This means that the company is lying about its registration and licenses, therefore it is a scam. It also is an illegal investment service in every country.

The Pitsillos scam is not regulated

Fake awards and fake stats

One thing that is completely fake on Pitsillos’ website is the section with the awards that the company supposedly won in the past.

There are awards from 2017, 2019 and 2020. The only problem is that Pitsillos Investments did not exist back then.

As you can see in our picture below, its domain name was first registered in October 2022. At press time, it is not even one month old!Fake awards

This also means that all that stats that it is displaying about the number of accounts, withdrawals, deposits, etc., are fake too.

Pitsillos is really lying about every important fact. All these lies are proofs that it is a fraudulent platform.

Fake stats

Scam investment plans

The quickest way to see that Pitsillos Investments is a scam, is too look at their investment offer. Because 1.9 to 3% daily ROI really says it all.

There is no way for a legitimate company to generate such profits for clients, that’s just a fact. Whenever you see an offer with returns this high, you can be sure that you are dealing with a scam.

3% daily is equal to 90% months, which so ridiculous that it should be obvious to everybody that it is a scam.

Scam investment plans

Pitsillos Investments – how it really works

It is unclear if Pitsillos started as a Ponzi scheme that was paying its users, but we know that at this stage it is not paying.

If it has ever paid anybody, it was not with profits from crypto trading. It was money taken from other members in an illegal financial pyramid.

But one of our readers confirmed to us that Pitsillos Investments is not paying, which means that now it runs as a basic scam that just takes money from people and never gives them anything back. So you absolutely have to stay away from it.

Pitsillos Investments review – Conclusion

Pitsillos is lying about its history, registration and licenses. And it is not paying its users. It couldn’t be more obvious that it is a pure investment scam.

Any time you see an offer similar to Pitsillos, meaning 1 – 3% daily returns on investment, you can be sure that it is a scam and you should avoid it.

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