Awful SCAM: Pulse World review

This review exposes the Pulse World scam that joined forces with OmegaPro and is pushing its XPL token.

What is Pulse World

Its official presentation says that Pulse World is a metaverse ecosystem based on blockchain that has its own cryptocurrency, the Pulse Token (XPL).

The metaverse will allow its users to trade NFTs and music among other things.

To become a member, you have to buy a PulsePro package, the minimum investment is 100 USD. It is supposed to generate you 0.329% daily returns, plus you supposedly can expect the XPL token to rise in value.

You can also enhance your revenue by referring other people to Pulse World. But should you do it, is it a legitimate project? The short answer is no.

Pulse World review

Pulse World scam

Our analysis is clearly showing that Pulse World is a scam. It is just another way to pull even more money out of people’s pockets who already lost with OmegaPro.

The OmegaPro link

The first red flag for Pulse World comes from the fact that it has joined forces with OmegaPro, which is a big scam that has made a lot of people lose a lot of money.

You have to seriously doubt the legitimacy of any project that is willing to associate itself with OmegaPro.

Fake partners

On its website, Pulse World says that among its partners you can count brands such as Under Armour, Nike, Samsung or Apple. But it’s a lie.

You can contact any of these brands and you will see that they have nothing to do with Pulse World and its Pulse scam token. Which is a proof that this project is a fraud.

Fake partners

Scam XPL token

Pulse World is trying to sell you its token called XPL. The problem is that this cryptocurrency is not listed on any exchange.

They say it is going to be listed on major exchanges on December 1st, but it won’t. We’re talking major exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. They won’t list XPL, that is a sure thing.

Besides, what is XPL? What blockchain does it run on? Where is the source code?

Answers to those questions are missing and everything points out to XPL being a scam token designed to take money from people.

Also, no legitimate project will give you projections of their token’s price. Serious people know that you can’t predict the future price of a cryptocurrency.

Yet Pulse world is projecting that in a year and a half XPL will be triple in value. Only fraudsters will give you such projections.

Pulse World token scam

Nonsense earnings

Another thing you will never hear from a legit project, is that it will earn you a steady daily return on investment. Because nobody can guarantee that, especially in the crypto world.

Yet Pulse world is saying that every investment package will earn you 0.329% daily, which is 60% in 16 months.

It is about 10% per month which is completely unsustainable for any legitimate project. Only scams promise such numbers.

Impossible ROI

How Pulse World works

It’s obvious that Pulse World is structured as a Ponzi scheme. You have lock your investment and you can increase your profits by referring new members in a pyramidal structure under you. Typical Ponzi scam.

And it has a typical element of a modern crypto Ponzi, a proprietary crypto token with an artificial price.

Pulse World works like this: They issue a scam token that they sell to people for real money. The yield will be also paid with the scam XPL token.

When people who run the scheme come to the conclusion that Pulse World is no longer sustainable, they will pull the rug and disappear with all the money. Members will be left with a worthless XPL token. End of story.

This is why you’d better stay away from it.

How the scam works

Pulse World review – Conclusion

Pulse World is a Ponzi scam that is meant to scam OmegaPro’s victims a second time. With its XPL scam token it will take their real money and collapse on itself.

You have to stay away from Pulse World, it is sure to crash, it’s only a matter of time.


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