Sage More Inc review – Unlicensed SCAM

This review of Sage More Incorporated shows that this investment platform is illegal and fraudulent.

What is Sage More Inc.

Sage More Incorporated is an investment company allegedly founded in 2019. The company offers investment management services and is focused on the world of Forex and cryptocurrencies.

The company says on its official website that it provides “lucrative” interest rates, but it does not specify them. The minimum investment amount is 500 USD/GBP/EUR.

The theory is that you deposit money on the platform and let Sage More generate you profits.

But is Sage More legitimate, should you invest money on the platform? No, it is not legit, it is a scam.

Sage More review

Sage More scam

We investigated Sage More Inc and in this review we explain why it’s a scam that you have to avoid.

No company

When it comes to investment services and giving your money to somebody for the purpose of increasing your capital, you should always check who are you dealing with.

In the case of Sage More Inc you will find out that the company is not giving any information about itself whatsoever. Not even an e-mail address, let alone other contact information.

In other words, Sage More is completely anonymous, which is a giant red flag. In fact, it is outright illegal for an investment company not to give any details about itself.

You should never send your money to anonymous investment services.

Sage More scam

Illegal and dangerous

Continuing on the theme of Sage More’s background check, its anonymity has legal implications. Because virtually every country in the world requires investment companies to be registered and authorized.

As you can probably guess thanks to what we have pointed out so far in this Sage More review, this company is not registered anywhere, let alone regulated and authorized to provide any kind of investment services.

Simply put, Sage More is an illegal investment service, it can’t be legally offered in any country.

Fake stats

Perhaps the most obvious proof that Sage More is a scam, lies in the lies it has published on its official website.

There it says it was founded in 2019 and that it has more than 76 million USD in assets under management. Which is not true.

Its domain name was registered in October 2022 (see our picture), so the whole program is not even one year old. And it certainly is not managing millions of dollars in assets, because as we have explained in this review, the company is not registered nor authorized.

Sage More Inc. age

Weird investment plans

And finally, as is customary with recent scams, Sage More does not specify exactly on its public website the returns on investment it is offering.

But it says the plans are lucrative. We can guess they offer at least 20% monthly, which makes it an obvious scam. And that is why they don’t publish their numbers for everybody to see.

Because it makes spotting scams that much easier, when you see returns like 1% per day or similar, you immediately know it’s a scam and you can call it out.

Modern online investment scams prefer to fly under the radar, to be offered on social media, preferably in one-to-one interactions with people while providing fake stories about rich uncles etc.

Make no mistake, failing to specify the exact offer is also a huge red flag.

Investment plans

How the Sage More fraud works

Sage More looks like a typical scam that just takes your money and keeps throwing empty promises at you.

If it ever was or is paying users, then it was conceived as a Ponzi scheme that will collapse anyway. In any case you have to stay away from it.

Sage More review – Conclusion

Sage More is not authorized to provide any investment services and it is openly lying on its official website, which makes it a scam.

Don’t invest any money on that platform, you would be certain to lose it.

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