SCAM PARODY: Cryptex review

This review of Cryptex explains that this cryptocurrency platform is a pure scam that is going to collapse and bring everybody involved down.

What is Cryptex

Cryptex is presented as a cryptocurrency investment platform that is combining certificates of deposits with crypto staking and classic life insurance.

Cryptex says that you don’t have to really invest money, they will get the investment amount of 43,200 USD per contract for you. You just pay a 100 USD handling fee per contract.

Returns are advertised in the range between 0.1 and 0.3% daily. Contracts have a duration of 3, 5 or 7 years.

But is Cryptex legit, can you earn money with it? No, it is not a legitimate business opportunity, unfortunately.

Cryptex review

Cryptex scam

Everything we analyzed about Cryptex and Cryptex Wallet shows that this platform is a scam that you should avoid. In this review we explain everything.

Laughable business model

The first thing we noticed about Cryptex is its laughable business model that does not make sense at all. They just threw a bunch of financial terms together to make it look sophisticated, but it’s a total nonsense.

Combining life insurance with crypto staking and certificates of deposits? That just can’t be explained, be we reckon that you need some deeper financial knowledge to see through this.

The nonsense about Cryptex that everybody should be able to see, though, is the claim that you don’t need to invest money, you just pay the handling fee, because leasing companies will provide the money for you, so it can be invested.

So they want you to believe, that you will get a loan, and instead of paying interest, you will earn yield! They will pay you for borrowing money… Do you see how absurd that is?

Business model nonsense

No risk investing does not exist

Another nonsense presented by Cryptex, is that investing on their platform is risk free. They say zero risk and zero hidden fees and costs.

Which of course is a lie. Your investment is 100 USD per contract, and that is what you are risking and what you are going to lose when it goes wrong. And Cryptex will go wrong, it’s given.

No risk lie

There are fees

Cryptex claims there are zero hidden fees, but you have to browse their official website carefully to find out that there are fees, and they are not small at all.

They are hidden under withdrawal fees, and if you use the most common cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, they will take 10% of what you withdraw, which is huge!

Cryptex scam fees

It’s an illegal investment service

Cryptex is not hiding that it is an investment service. Most countries of the world regulate investment services, which means that their providers are required to acquire licenses.

So, does Cryptex have an authorization to provide investment services in any country? No. In fact, it is even hiding the true identity of people who run it, the company does not give any real contact information.

The conclusion of this part of the Cryptex review has to be that it is an illegal investment service.

Cryptex is illegal

The investment plans say it all

In every article we explain that most of the time you don’t even need to read any reviews to spot most of the investment scams. That is because they reveal themselves through their investment plans. And the Cryptex case is not different.

They advertise 0.1 to 0.3% daily that will be compounded. So in the example they show in their official video, there is a total profit of 208.81% after just 472 days, which is an average of 0.44% daily ROI. Which is totally absurd.

All these numbers scream scam. There is no legitimate investment company that can offer 0.44% daily returns to their clients. Just because nobody is able to generate such returns, especially not in crypto staking or financial trading.

That is a fact that will help you to avoid many scams in the future, if you accept it.

Cryptex investment plans

How Cryptex works

Cryptex is running an ordinary Ponzi scheme disguised behind crypto terms and features. Make no mistake, they don’t do any crypto staking, there are no partners providing the investment capital, there is no legitimate activity going on.

All they do is taking the 100 USD per contract from people and redistributing it to older members on withdrawals. In short, a typical Ponzi scheme.

That is why they have a referral structure that goes 20 levels deep, they are trying to motivate people to bring new depositors in as much as they can. Because without new deposits coming in the pyramid is dead.

So, it will run out of money, it’s given by its nature. Then it will stall and crash. In the end, people will realize there is no money in the system, everything was gone the moment they made their deposits.

How the Cryptex scam works

Cryptex review – Conclusion

Cryptex is a scam, it works as a Ponzi scheme that will have a limited life. It is going to crash and money will be lost, that is why you have to stay away from it.

Don’t believe that anonymous people on the internet will make you money for free, especially when they are promising 10%+ per month.


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28 thoughts on “SCAM PARODY: Cryptex review”

  1. But your conclusion can’t be right, because completely independent of already demonstrably paid out contracts in the millions, 100 USD are taken in marketing and immediately distributed far more than 150 USD. How is that supposed to work? That would be a stupid scammer who gives out more than he takes in, wouldn’t it? I have many friends in Australia and Singapore who are already getting paid contracts. How is this possible? Can you please explain this to me as well?

    Aber euer Fazit kann nicht stimmen, denn mal völlig unabhängig von bereits nachweislich ausgezahlten Kontrakten in Millionenhöhe, werden beim Marketing 100 USD eigenommen und umgehend weit über 150 USD ausgeschüttet. Wie soll das denn gehen? Das wäre ja ein dummer Betrüger, welcher mehr rausgibt als einnimmt, oder? Ich habe viele Freunde in Australien und Singapur, welche bereits Kontrakte ausgezahlt bekommen. Wie ist das denn möglich? Könnt ihr das bitte auch erklären?

    Ich denke, ihr wollt nur auf eure Partner Etoro und Libertex aufmerksam machen, weil dort viel Provision für euch drin ist!

    But your conclusion can’t be right, because completely independent of already demonstrably paid out contracts in the millions, 100 USD are taken in marketing and immediately distributed far more than 150 USD. How is that supposed to work? That would be a stupid scammer who gives out more than he takes in, wouldn’t it? I have many friends in Australia and Singapore who are already getting paid contracts. How is this possible? Can you please explain this as well? I

    think you just want to draw attention to your partners Etoro and Libertex, because there is a lot of commission in it for you!

    1. Everything is explained in the review, Cryptex is a Ponzi scheme, that is why it can afford to pay for some time. But it’s sure to collapse.

      I would like you to show me the “demonstrably paid out contracts in the millions”.

      As for the ads on this website, yeah, I know, I should do all the work for free and pay my rent and food with clean air, I understand.

      1. What kind of stupid global statement is that? Can’t you do math? Several friends of mine have been paid for finished contracts. If it were a scam, for example, to pay out only one contract, hundreds of contracts would have to be deposited! This is impossible and certainly not over 6 years. In addition, the entire fee goes for the commissions on it and also here much more is paid out than paid in.

        Your statements can not be true!

        PS: If you give me your WhatsApp, then I will gladly send you your desired evidence!

        Greetings Mario

        1. I have exposed thousands of scams and I was not proven wrong in a single case. I know Cryptex is going to crash and time will prove me right.

          I am tired of arguing with people promoting their scams, so I’ll leave you to it.

          It is up to people to make their own minds, I warned them.

  2. Detecting thousands of frauds is very easy in this segment, because 95% is really fraud. So this is not a special achievement now. You just post negative about a lot of companies and you will always be 95% right that this is fraud. Not a bad rate! In between you place your own ads to make money from this scam. Is not new and is made by some colleagues of you, vorgemacht.

    By the way, I’m not propagating anything at all here, because that’s where you started. I am just providing some facts to refute your baseless claims.

    I made them an offer to provide the evidence they wanted and you didn’t take it.

    At least be honest and admit that you don’t care about the investors in the process.

    1. Mario, Mario, I asked you for proofs and instead of providing them, you asked for my WhatsApp.

      Provide the proofs here, so everybody can see them.

      Again, I would like you to show me the “demonstrably paid out contracts in the millions”.

        1. Screenshots can be easily faked. I want to see on-chain proofs.

          By the way, Ponzi scams pay, until they don’t. So this debate is not as much useful as you might think.

    2. Hello, I just wanted to know what you would think about another project. It is called cryptex dot place. Link:

  3. Hi James. Your arguments are a joke and do you know why? Certainly not, because unfortunately you are one of the few who have not understood the cryptex system. A company that has lasted 7 years never has a SCAM background. SCAM usually has a lifespan of at most 1 year! Questionable on what basis your “analyses” were made.

    Mario had offered to explain via WhatsApp and to prove that you are totally wrong with your claims. It’s funny that you rejected it. Probably to profile yourself on your homepage. And if you had even a little idea of a blockchain, you would know that it never lies. And this is the absolute proof that cryptex is a serious as well as long-term investment!

    1. 1) Exactly, the blockchain never lies. That is why I asked for on-chain proofs to be presented publicly here, not on WhatsApp. Still waiting.

      2) Cryptex is a comapny that has lasted 7 years? Show me where is Cryptex registered as a company so that we can verify your claim.

      By the way, Madoff lasted for decades before his Ponzi collapsed. So how long a company exists is not an indication of it being or not being a scam.

  4. I’ll stop posting more facts here now because it’s getting unobjective. The fact is that Cryptex pays out much more than the USD 100 income for the contracts on a daily basis.

    Just for better understanding, Cryptex is not a company but a private community of like-minded people.

    With that I say goodbye to this pointless discussion.

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