Seener Quantitative Trading review – This SCAM just won’t stop

Read this review to see why the Seener Foundation is an investment scam that you have to avoid.

What is Seener

Seener Foundation is an investment company established in Singapore. It says it is using quantitative trading methods on such markets as DeFi, NFTs and synthetics assets to generate profits.

Its main offer consists of investment plans with a duration from 3 to 120 days. Daily returns are from 0.2 to 1.4%.

Investments are done with the USDT token, which is a stable coin (cryptocurrency). You can also increase your income by referring other people to Seener.

The question is: Is Seener a legitimate investment company that you can trust with your money? The answer is no, it is not. Here are all the details.

Seener Foundation review

Seener is a scam

Our research clearly shows that the Seener Foundation and its Quantitative Trading investment program are one huge scam.

Fake partnerships

On its official website, Seener claims that it reached deep strategic cooperation with FTX, Coinbase and other major exchanges. On its official blog, it also claims that international funds have invested in the company, among which is “BlockRock”, which presumably means BlackRock.

However, none of these claims is true. We have verified with FTX and Coinbase that they have nothing to do with the Seener Foundation and its investment services. We encourage you to verify this fact by yourself with the mentioned companies.

So, Seener is lying about its partnership with major crypto companies. This fact alone makes it a scam.

Fake partnerships

Illegal investment service

Seener Foundation claims that it is incorporated in Singapore, focusing on financial market investment and trading.

Investment services are regulated in Singapore, you need a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to be able to provide these services.

The problem is that Seener is not authorized by the financial regulator in Singapore. Which automatically makes it an illegal investment service in its home country.

Since Seener appears not to be regulated anywhere in the world, it can’t legally offer its services in any country of the world. Financial regulation is strict in that regard.

Seener the company

Full of nonsense

Just reading through Seener’s website shows the low level of this scam. Because you will read things like “Seener strives to realize the quantitative trading of various assets such as DeFi, NFT, and synthetic assets.”

That sentence has more than one problem, but let’s just focus on this: Quantiative trading of assets like DeFi.

If you don’t know it, DeFi means Decentralized Finance and it is an umbrella term for financial apps that run in blockchains. So it is not an asset that you could trade, it is a set of decentralized services.

As you can see, fraudsters from Seener don’t even know the basics about crypto terms they use to try and impress you.

Nonsense claims

The ROI tells you everything you need to know

And finally, there are the investment plans of Seener, they alone tell the whole story you need to know.

Yes, because up to 1.4% daily is something so ridiculous that it is a proof that Seener is a scam.

There is no legitimate way to earn 1.4% daily returns on investment in financial trading. Any experienced and honest trader will confirm this to you.

Accept it and it will help you avoid many scams in the future.

Seener scam

How Seener really works

The way the reward from Seener Quantitative Trading are structured clearly tells that it is a Ponzi scheme. They push you to invest and lock your money for longer periods of time, because every financial pyramid of this kind need people not be withdrawing.

Seener, in a typical Ponzi fashion, just takes money from new depositors and sends it to older users that are placed higher in the structure. That’s all it does.

So it is certain that Seener is going to run out of money and collapse. No profits from this scam will be legitimate, because people are going to get scammed hard. The vast majority will lose for a few to profit.

That is why you should stay away from it.

In fact, we have seen this type of scam many times recently, built on the same template as Seener, for example Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading, Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading or Aurora AI Quantitative Trading.

Seener review – Conclusion

The Seener Foundation with its Quantitative Trading plans is a scam. It has no partnership with any major crypto company and it is not authorized to provide investment services like it does.

You can contact the Monetary Authority of Singapore to see that Seener Foundation is not a legitimate investment company.

2 thoughts on “Seener Quantitative Trading review – This SCAM just won’t stop”

  1. This is true!I was deceived by these bastards and together with me 10 other friends.The scheme is very simple.You submit the money, motivating for 4 months, during which time you will be able to make 10% of how much you deposit and withdraw.The platform is based on the team, group on Telegram and fictitious users.When her pig has been fattening, they disappear with the money and you will only hear about them on the occasion of launching another similar platform.

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