SFTrade review – UGLY scam, beware!

This review analyzes the cryptocurrency exchange SFTrade and reveals that it is an investment scam that wants to separate you from your money.

What is SFTrade

SFTrade is a versatile cryptocurrency platform that says that it will allow you to exchange cryptocurrency tokens, buy new tokens, profit from mining and trade swaps.

The most attractive part of the offer is the so called lock-up mining that has four investment plans.

The basic plan requires a minimum deposit of 100 USDT and promises 6% returns after 5 days.

The highest plan has a 100,000 USDT minimum deposit and promises a 95% return after 60 days.

But is SFTrade a legitimate crypto platform that you can use to invest and earn money? No, it is not, and here is the explanation.

SFTrade review
SFTrade’s official website.

SFTrade scam

SFTrade is a scam platform and it could not be more obvious. It offers unrealistic returns and it is lying about its status and regulation.

Lying about regulation

On SFTrade’s website you will find a section about the exchange that says that it was established in 2014, that it has millions of users, that it is based in Chicago, USA, and that is is regulated by the US Securities Exchange and Commission. But none if this is true.

First of all, the exchange sits on the https://sfme.cc domain, and that was first registered in July 2022. So it is just a few months old.

Scam history
The exchange is just a few months old, not 8 years as it claims.

Most importantly, SFTrade is not regulated at all, let alone by the SEC. You can verify this fact for example here.

This means that SFTrade is openly lying about its history and its regulatory status. This alone makes it a terrible scam, this alone is a huge reason for staying away.

Not regulated
The exchange is lying about being regulated.

Impossible investment plans

SFTrade does not even bother with explaining how it is supposed to generate you those huge returns in “lock-up mining”.

6% after 5 days translates to 1.2% daily ROI. 95% after 60 days translates 1.58% daily ROI. And these numbers are just absurd. Especially considering that you are supposed to deposit USDT.

The platform basically says you can get 1.2 to 1.58% daily returns on US dollars. In reality, you most certainly can’t. In fact, there is no legitimate way to earn returns this high, that is a truth you have to accept in order to avoid scams.

So yes, it is that simple, if you see 1%+ daily returns on investment as an offer, you can be sure that you are dealing with a scam that you should avoid. Be it SFTrade or any other platform you might come across.

Mining plans
These plans are a warning in themselves.

User experience with SFTrade

It is not difficult to find users who already lost money with SFTrade. For example this person who lost 14,000 USDT because they can’t withdraw it from the platform.

This confirms our findings in this review, SFTrade is a scam. And it obviously is not even trying to operate as a Ponzi scheme that would be paying in its early stages, it just makes money disappear without giving anything back in return.

SFTrade review – Conclusion

SFTtrade is a cryptocurrency scam. It promises huge returns on investment, while in reality it will just let you deposit money and never let you withdraw anything back.

Stay away from every platform that is offering returns like SFTrade or similar, it for sure is a scam because they can’t be generated in a legitimate way.

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