Simple scam: SwiftFX NFT Trade review

Read this review to understand that Swift FX NFT Trade is an investment scam that can only lose your money.

What is SwiftFX NFT Trade

SwiftFX NFT Trade is presented as a cryptocurrency platform with the following services: Bitcoin escrow service, bitcoin mining, software development, Bitcoin transactions, Bitcoin exchange and Bitcoin investment.

The investment plans are presented in weird way, the promise that if you invest 100 USD, you will get 0.007 BTC back, which at current prices is 132 USD. In other words, a 32% ROI.

The highest plan with a 1000 USD deposit promises 0.081 BTC, which represents a 53% return on investment.

However, it is not specified how long you will have to wait for your returns, if it is a day, week, month or year.

The question is whether SwiftFX NFT Trade is a legitimate investment platform. We answer that in this review.

SwiftFX NFT Trade review

Swift FX NFT Trade scam

Unfortunately our research showed that SwifFX NFT Trade is a cryptocurrency scam that is not able to make you any money. It is a fake and unauthorized investment platform.

Fake contributors

Let’s start with the most obvious lie that SwiftFX NFT Trade serves you. It claims that among its contributors are Brian Armstrong from Coinbase, Michael Saylor from MicroStrategy, Vitalik Buterin from Ethereum and Morgan Creek from Capital Management.

But it is a lie. Those people don’t contribute to Swift FX NFT Trade in any way. They don’t even know this crypto platform exists!

Presenting those famous people as contributors to the platform, while in reality they are not, is a scam.

Fake contributors

Unauthorized investment platform

Swift FX NFT Trade is an investment services provider. They ask you to deposit money in exchange of returns. This means that the platform needs authorizations from regulators to be able to operate legally.

However, the platform is completely anonymous, it does not even provide the address of the company that runs it.

Therefore we have to conclude that Swift FX NFT Trade has no authorization whatsoever, it is not regulated. Which makes it an illegal investment platform that can’t operate in almost any country in the world.

Company contact

… And the investment plans

With investment scams, most of the time the major proof is in the investment plans. As we have calculated in this review, SwiftFX NFT Trade offers 32 – 53% returns. Although they don’t publicly specify the timeframe, we still can conclude that this is fraud.

We suspect these are daily or weekly returns, but even if they are monthly or yearly returns, they are still way too high to be achievable in a legit way. That is a fact that any honest crypto trader or investor will confirm.

Only scam dare to offer such returns. And sometimes they even pay them, that is if they run as Ponzi scheme. In that scenario they just take money from new people and give it to older users of the platform.

They work like that until they don’t, until there is not enough deposits to keep the whole thing going. Such a crash always comes for a Ponzi scheme, it is in their definition.

So these are the main reasons for staying away from SwiftFX NFT Trade.

The scam investment plans

SwiftFX NFT Trade review – Conclusion

SwiftFX NFT Trade is an illegal investment platform and a scam. Don’t deposit any money to this platform, otherwise you will lose it forever, because cryptocurrency platforms can’t be reversed.

When you see an offer with returns in the tens of percent per day or month, you can be sure it is a scam.

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