Team Validus review – It’s fake Validus!

In this review we expose the Validus Team project as a scam that is abusing the identity of the real company Validus.

What is Validus Team

Team Validus presents itself as an online trading university that is teaching people that are “underserved” by financial institutions.

The most important part of the offer is investment plans that are supposed to generate 2 – 3% weekly returns. With compounding, you allegedly will earn a 300% ROI in a little over one year (60 weeks).

Validus says the profits are achieved thanks to a combination of crypto and Forex trading, stock trading, crypto nodes, crypto staking, NFTs, launchpad and data analysis.

The minimum deposit is 50 USD.

Is Team Validus legit? No, it is not. In this review we expose the scam.

Team Validus review

Team Validus is a scam

Our researched revealed that Validus Team is a scam. It’s not a legitimate investment opportunity and you should stay away from it. Here are all the details.

Lying about partners

One obvious lie served by Validus Team concerns it supposed business partners. On its website, it claims that among its partners you will find the likes of Fox28, MarketWatch, Digital Journal, NBC News and Daily Herald.

But it is not true, these companies are not partners of Validus in any way. You can see for yourself, check for example the Digital Journal to verify that it is not a partner.

This lie alone proves that Team Validus is a scam.

Fake partners

It’s fake Validus

The big trick deployed by Team Validus is that it abuses the name of another company that it is not connected to in any way.

You see, the real Validus is a financial institution from Singapore that offers various financial services and products, is registered and legitimate.

The Validus Team we are reviewing here is using the domain names and and has nothing in common with the real company from Singapore.

Also, there are Validus Capital, Validus Advisors and Validus Growth Investing companies in the United States, but none of them is associated with Team Validus reviewed in this article.

Team Validus is obviously abusing the name of another company on purpose, it is an illegal clone. Which again, makes it a scam.

In fact, the real Validus from Singapore has warned the public that it has illegal and scam clones on the internet.

Investment plans

Regulatory warning

There is even one financial regulator that has already warned the public to stay away from Team Validus.

It is the Financial Markets Authority form New Zealand. In its warning, it said that Tam Validus has held seminars to promote its products and services in the country while being in breach of the legislation because it is not an authorized provider of financial services.

There you have it, the Validus Team is breaking the laws in at least one country, which is another big red flag.

How Team Validus really works

At this stage it is quite obvious that Team Validus is building a Ponzi scheme. 300% returns in a little over one year is something that is not realistic for a legitimate investment company.

Their referral program, the way they encourage you to lock your capital and compound interest, show that they desperately need the money to stay in the system to keep it running. In a typical Ponzi fashion.

They just transfer money between new and old members. In fact, they don’t even hide they took their inspiration in the OmegaPro scam, which is one big infamous failing Ponzi scheme, see our picture below.

Team Validus scam

Team Validus review – Conclusion

In this review, we proved that Team Validus is lying about its partners, that it is an illegal investment scheme that is not authorized in any country and has already been blacklisted in New Zealand, and that it offers unsustainable returns on investments typical for Ponzi schemes.

This is why our conclusion is that Team Validus is a scam that you should avoid because its collapse is just a matter of time.


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