Tonedy review – A recycled crypto SCAM, beware!

This Tonedy review demonstrates that this cryptocurrency investment platform is just an old scam with a new name.

What is Tonedy

Tonedy is portrayed as a leading cryptocurrency platform that will allow you to trade digital assets, invest and earn passive income thanks to crypto staking and cloud mining.

Tonedy is offering investment plans that supposedly will pay you more than 1% daily returns.

The company says it is based in the United States, but is Tonedy legit, can you trust it with your cryptocurrencies? No, it is not legitimate, and we prove it in this review.

Tonedy review

Tonedy scam

Tonedy is a pure scam that is based on an old scheme that has already defrauded many innocent people. Here is how.

Cloned scam

Immediately upon looking at Tonedy’s website, we realized that this is something we have already seen.

Indeed, Tonedy is just a clone of scams like Koneoyp or Sunony Exchange. Just check our picture below for a comparison.

Their websites are almost identical, their services are the same. All the above-mentioned crypto platforms are confirmed scams, confirmed by their users in discussions under our reviews.

Tonedy scam

Fake mining with impossible returns

The quickest way to understand that Tonedy is a scam, is to look at their Miner Mall. It is supposed to be a Bitcoin cloud mining program with different plans.

Because even the lowest plans supposedly will generate you over 1% in daily returns. For example the 10 day plan is promising more than 18% on your investment, which translates to 1.8% daily.

Let us put this straight, it has never been possible to make 1% daily returns in Bitcoin mining. It is just physically impossible because of hardware and electricity costs.

In other words, Tonedy is offering impossible rewards from Bitcoin mining, therefore it is a scam.

Fake mining rewards

Fake staking

A similar story happens with Tonedy’s DeFi Staking mall, although the rewards are lower.

What is even a better proof of fraud in this case is something else, though. It’s the fact that Bitcoin can’t be staked.

The Bitcoin blockchain runs a consensus algorithm called proof of work, which does not allow staking.

Transactions in the Bitcoin network are confirmed through mining, so there is no way to stake BTC in the network to earn rewards.

So again, Tonedy is offering something impossible here, therefore it is a scam.

Fake staking

Fake exchange

Tonedy claims that it has been around for years and that it is a leading crypto platform. But that’s a lie.

Tonedy’s domain name was first registered on February 26, 2023. So it is not even one month old!

It is obvious that the exchange is lying about its status and history. It is a churn and burn scam that will disappear as quickly as it appeared.

Fake exchange

How the Tonedy scam works

Tonedy and its predecessors have a very similar modus operandi. They are promoted by individuals who claim that they or they relatives made a lot of money on the exchange.

They contact people mainly through social media, they try to build a relationship and to convince people to deposit on Tonedy.

Then they might even show you some fake profits on your online account, just to convince you to deposit even more.

But when you try to withdraw your money from Tonedy, you will realize that it was a scam since the beginning. They will ask you for more money, presumably for taxes, fees, etc. But everything will be a lie.

Every deposit on Tonedy will be lost. Cryptocurrency transactions can’t be reversed, so the only thing you will be able to do is to report Tonedy to the police.

Tonedy review – Conclusion

Tonedy is an old scam with a new name. In this review we have shown that is is a clone of proved fraudulent platforms that just take money from people and give them nothing back.

Forget about investment platforms that promise 1%+ daily returns on investment, they all are scams.


24 thoughts on “Tonedy review – A recycled crypto SCAM, beware!”

  1. NEVER invest in Tonedy. You’ll be approached by a girl online through social medias platforms , they’ll befriend you and start talking about how their uncle or someone they know and is close with are helping them to earn money through this investment. They’ll show you prove of how their earnings but these are all fake. Also, they might ask you to invest a little or first time and show you some profit which will all be fake or might even give you few dollars at first for you to start investing more . Some are unable to withdraw even after first investment so better avoid it at the first. They’re all fake. I have proofs too (screenshots)

        1. No, I’m not giving anyone investment advice anyway, I have my doubts too. So I withdrew my money. I didn’t have a problem.

          1. The less scammers know about me, the better. They regularly target me with all sorts of attacks.


  3. Unknown gabriel

    yes this is a 100% trap, do not try to invest because you will lose your money and we must inform others as much as possible so that they do not invest in this fake website, I got messages from a girl that she said her uncle is a Trader, bank investor, oil investor etc.. It was all fake information just to impose you to invest

  4. I keep talking to the girl whose uncle is a financier. She doesn’t know that I understand that she is a scammer. wasting time with me. ahahahha

  5. Tonedy is a scam. I got cheated and now cannot get back my monies. Lost few hundred thousands in this scams. Can someone take down this website so that other won’t fall into this scam and get cheated

  6. Tonedy is a scam. I got cheated and now cannot get back my monies. Lost few hundred thousands in this scams. Can someone take down this website so that other won’t fall into this scam and get cheated
    Even their defi is a scam
    They give 2.80% daily interest to scam the investors. DON’T go for it and you will lose yr monies FOREVER.

  7. Don’t be scammed by this lady from Tonedy.. Her name is Alia and her contact is 85297107268. Be careful of this scammer.

  8. That’s the same lady that scammed me. Guys pls be careful when you get a message from her. She will scam all yr monies together with her accomplices.

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