SCAM ALERT: Tonedyexus review

We review Tonedyexus and explain why this investment platform is fraudulent and why you have to avoid it.

What is Tonedyexus

Tonedyexus is a cryptocurrency investment platform that is promising to earn you a passive income.

Through the platform you can invest in cryptocurrencies, ICOs, cloud mining and crypto staking.

For example, the mining plans are supposedly capable of earning you almost 1% daily returns on investment.

All this while your investment with Tonedyexus is insured thanks to a 20,000 BTC security reserve fund. At least that’s what they claim.

But is Tonedyexus really legit, can you rely on it, should you invest your money? No, it is not legit, you should stay away from it.

Tonedyexus review

Tonedyexus scam

In reality, Tonedyexus is a financial scam that has been around for some time. It is mostly promoted on social media.

The typical story is that a woman contacts you and tells you a story about a relative that is earning huge amounts of money thanks to investing on the Tonedyexus platform.

Then she convinces you to invest on the platform, only for you to realize that every deposit gets lost because you will never be able to withdraw anything.

Cloned scam

Tonedyexus is just an old fraud with a new name. We already reviewed it when it was called Koneoyp and Tonedy.

As you can see in our picture below, all these scams even have the same website design. In the comment sections under the linked reviews you will find testimonials from people who got scammed by them.

Comparison of scams

Fake staking plans

Crypto staking is a real thing, it is a mechanism used by proof of stake blockchains to secure their network.

However, what is offered by Tonedyexus has nothing to do with real staking. It is just a scam that keeps all the deposits, the money does not move anywhere.

One obvious proof is the returns that Tonedyexus staking is supposed to generate. Because they go up to 9% per month, which is impossible. In the real world you will be happy to make that in a year in crypto staking.

A perhaps even more obvious proof is that staking is offered for Bitcoin, which is a proof of work blockchain that does not use staking at all.

In other words, in the real world, Bitcoin can’t be staked at all because its blockchain does not have this function.

As you can see, Tonedyexus is a total scam.

Tonedyexus scam staking

Fake mining

Another place where you can clearly see that Tonedyexus is a scam, is its cloud mining plans. Because again, the returns are completely unrealistic.

The mining plan are supposed to earn you around 1% daily, which is completely impossible in real Bitcoin mining.

Since Tonedyexus is promising impossible returns, it’s a scam.

Fake mining plans

Anonymous financial service

Let’s close this Tonedyexus review by having a look at the identity of this financial services provider.

If you look at the official website, Tonedyexus is not providing any contact information! Which is a huge red flag.

You are supposed to trust the company with your money, yet they don’t even say where you can find them. Thanks to our review you know why.

This also means that the claim about the 20,000 BTC security fund is false, deposits on this fraudulent platform are not protected in any way.

How Tonedyexus works

Because the Tonedyexus scam has been around for quite some time, we know exactly as it works.

All the money you deposit on the platform will be lost. You will be pushed to deposit a cryptocurrency, because crypto transactions are irreversible, so nobody will be able to help you to get your money back.

Tonedyexus scammers will show you fake profits on your trading account, they will say everything is working perfectly and they will ask you to deposit even more to earn more.

But if you try to withdraw anything, it won’t be possible. To steal even more money from you, they will say that you have to pay different fees upfront or fake taxes. All this just to make your money disappear every time it lands on their accounts.

This is why you should never send any money to Tonedyexus. If you you already did, don’t believe their tales about fees and taxes, if you send them additional money, it will get lost too.

Tonedyexus review – Conclusion

Tonedyexus is an old infamous scam with a new name. It is run by a fake company that will just try to make you deposit as much money as possible. Every deposit will be stolen from you.

Don’t send any money to Tonedyexus because you would not be able to get anything back, not even your original deposit.


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9 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT: Tonedyexus review”

  1. hi every one
    lot of my friends from pakistan invest amount in this company its all SCAM 100% they are telling same thing which is on this website
    so please dont lose your income

  2. Dear Friends
    This Company is a Big SCAM they already lotted my friends they mostly lost more then $100000
    and same story they are asking to pay 1% more to release their money.
    they cant withdraw their money if they dont pay 1% more
    their webside is
    their phone number is 0015714862280
    her name is beata

  3. They are scammers my friend is the victim of this fraudulent exchange. They seduce you to deposit more and more funds but you are never able to withdraw money. They also don’t have a help service center to talk about any problem.

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