Tron Decentralized Minting review – Just another scam…

Read this review to understand that you absolutely have to stay away from the Tron Decentralized Minting scam.

What is Tron Decentralized Minting

Tron Decentralized Minting is a platform that is promising to earn you yield thanks to USDT mining.

You deposit the crypto stable token USDT on the platform, which will then supposedly be used for liquidity mining to generate profits.

The minimum deposit is 100 USDT and it is supposed to earn you 1.812% daily returns. Higher plans can earn you up to 3.97% per day.

Is Tron Decentralized Minting legit, should you invest? No, it is not legit, Tron Decentralized Minting is a scam.

Tron Decentralized Minting review

Tron Decentralized Minting scam

Our testing and research have shown that Tron Decentralized Minting is a scam. It is not doing what it promises and it is sure to collapse because of its fraudulent nature. This review brings you a detailed explanation.

Impossible income

The whole premise of of Tron Decentralized Minting is that it is providing USDT liquidity and earning from 1.812 to 3.97% daily returns on investment. But that is impossible.

We have been using crypto DeFi platforms for years and we can tell you for certain that there is no legitimate way to earn 1% daily or more with USDT liquidity providing. That’s just the reality.

With USDT, you will be lucky to earn 10% per year when providing it for liquidity mining or lending. Yet, Tron Decentralized Minting is promising 54% per month with the lowest plan!

We recognize that you need a little bit of experience in the crypto field to know what returns are realistic, but that is why we are here.

We can tell you that there is no legitimate way whatsoever to generate 54% monthly ROI in crypto liquidity mining.

The inevitable conclusion of this review therefore must be that Tron Decentralized Minting is a scam.

Mining yield

How the Tron Decentralized Minting scam works

Although Tron Decentralized Minting is a scam, it might be paying its users, which might confuse a lot of people.

You see, these crypto scams often start as Ponzi schemes, which means they use money they get on deposits to pay withdrawal requests. Which, of course, can work only for so long, because you need an exponentially growing inflow of deposits.

In other words, Tron Decentralized Minting is not doing any liquidity mining or any other legitimate activity. If anyone get ever paid by this scam, it will be with money taken from a deposit of another member, that’s all.

But with the ridiculously high ROI this platform is offering, it’s more than likely that currently it is not paying at all. Simply because it is highly unsustainable and destined to fail very quickly.

USDT mining scam

Tron Decentralized Minting

Tron Decentralized Minting is a scam, just like every Tron Mining mining program out there. It is not minting nor mining anything, it’s just an illegal scheme sure to collapse.

Every time you see offers with 1% or higher daily returns on investment, you can be sure it is a scam that you have to avoid.

4 thoughts on “Tron Decentralized Minting review – Just another scam…”

  1. So if it is scam, when it collapses, any money is in the wallet. Which is in the user’s possession, correct? If /when it collapses, isn’t the wallet money still safe?

    1. No, because scams like these make you either transfer your funds or approve a contract that will gain control over your wallet. Your tokens will disappear.

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