Ultra Trade review – This dirty scam

Read our Ultra Trade review to see that this investment platform is a scam that was designed to get your hard earned money.

What is Ultra Trade

Ultra Trade presents itself as an international financial company engaged in investing. The company invests in assets like currencies on Forex, cryptocurrency exchanges and Bitcoin mining.

The core of its offer are six investment plans with minimum investments starting at 100 USD. Returns vary depending on the plan, the basic ROI is 10% daily (2x 5% after 12 hours).

Ultra Trade as a company is registered in the United Kingdom, which is supposed to give it legitimacy. But is Ultra Trade legit, can you really trust it? No, it is not!

Ultra Trade review

Ultra Trade scam

Our in-depth analysis clearly showed that Ultra Trade is a scam, therefore you can’t trust it. In this Ultra Trade review we show you all the important proofs.

Fake history

On its official website, Ultra Trade displays a road map. It starts in 2020, when the project allegedly kicked off. The same year it supposedly already was celebrating thousands of users.

The problem is that it is not true. As you can see in our picture below, the Ultra Trade domain name was first registered in April 2022, so the project did not start in 2020.

The company is lying about it’s history, which makes it a scam.

Fake history of the Ultra Trade scam

Fake team

Another thing that is not correct on Ultra Trade’s website, is the section that shows you the advisory team. In our picture below you will see that they used stock photos.

That means that people you can see on those photos are not actual employees or partners of Ultra Trade, they have nothing in common with the project.

This lie is another proof that Ultra Trade is a scam.

Ultra Trade's team is fake

Illegal investment service

One thing that is real on UltraTrade’s website, is the certificate of incorporation in the United Kingdom. The only problem is that it does not mean anything, it gives no legitimacy to any company.

You see, anybody can register a company online in the UK, the Companies House does not check the legitimacy of the business that submitted the registration application.

What gives a certain legitimacy to an investment company, is a registration with the Financial Conduct Authority, because the FCA actually has its own requirements that are verified.

In fact, an authorization from the FCA is mandatory for financial and investment service in the UK. But Ultra Trade is not authorized by the FCA, which makes it an illegal investment service punishable by law.

That is a huge red flag.

Ridiculous investment plans

The quickest way to spot the scam when you review Ultra Trade, is to look at the investment plans. Because they are totally ridiculous.

10% daily for the basic plan equals to 300% per month. Which screams scam. No legit company can achieve such profits, it’s just impossible in the real world.

So yes, it is that simple, when you see Ultra Trade offering such absurd returns on investment, you just know it’s a scam.

This is a proof that Ultra Trade is a scam

How the Ultra Trade scam works

The ROI offered by Ultra Trade is so ridiculous, that it can’t even afford to run as a Ponzi scheme that would be paying users with deposits of other users.

Because it would run out of money very quickly. So Ultra Trade is just an ordinary scam that will take your money and that will be it, you will never see it again.

Sure, their platform can show you some great profits, but they will be fake. Their only purpose will be to convince you to invest even more.

When you ask for a withdrawal, you will see that it is impossible to get anything back from Ultra Trade. All they will do, is ask you for money for fake taxes, nonsense fees, etc. Don’t send them anything if you don’t want to lose it.

Ultra Trade review – Conclusion

Ultra Trade is a very simple investment scam. They will make you deposit on their platform so that they can steal your money. That’s it.

Stay away form Ultra Trade, it is an unauthorized investment platform, a fraud where all money disappears.


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  1. Agree 100 percent here. I will send you more companies to review as people try to recruit me. You’re doing a great job . Blessings.

      1. The site is deactivated now The guys is scammer upload more websited iam hunting them now since february no newwebsited pls update so i can hunt them dow

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