Simplistic SCAM: Vexam review

In this article we review the Vexam investment platform that is offering to make you money on your cryptocurrency deposit.

What is Vexam

Its official website states that Vexam is a platform for autotrading digital assets. It means that you are supposed to deposit your cryptocurrency, which in turn will be traded by “financial experts” who will make your capital grow.

There are two investment plans with 4% and 5% daily ROI. The minimum deposit is the equivalent of 25 USD.

The company is registered in the United Kingdom, so is this a legitimate investment opportunity to grow your money?

Vexam review
Vexam’s official website.

Vexam is a scam

We researched Vexam and its investment offer, and we have to conclude that it is a scam. The company is not doing any legitimate trading, it is just running an illegal financial scheme that is certain to have a very limited life. Here are the details.

Illegal investment service

Vexam Ltd. proudly states on its website that it is registered in the United Kingdom. The first thing to notice is that the company was first registered in July 2022, which means that it is just a few months old.

The second thing is that what they show you is just a registration for tax purposes that does not validate the existence or the legitimacy of the company.

Any platform offering investment services in the UK like Vexam has to be authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is the financial regulator.

But Vexam is not licensed by the FCA, which makes it an illegal financial service that is breaking the laws of the United Kingdom. You can ask the FCA directly about Vexam to verify that what we say here is true.

Vexam scam
The company Vexam is not authorized in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The dirty investment plans

In our reviews we try to educate people about investment scams and we often explain that the quickest way to spot them is a brief look at the investment plans. And this approach is valid in this case too.

Because Vexam promises 4 – 5% daily, in other numbers 120 – 150% monthly returns on investment. Which is huge. In fact, it is outright impossible.

Any honest person with experience in financial trading (we have been trading for 15 years) will confirm to you that making a steady daily return in trading is impossible. Financial markets are simply too unpredictable for anybody to make a steady 1%, 2%, 3% or more daily ROI. That’s just a fact that you have to accept.

So yes, it really is that simple, when you see that Vexam is offering 4% daily, you can be 100% sure that it is a scam that is not doing what it is saying.

The investment plans
These investment plans tell you everything you need to know.

How Vexam really works

Vexam is a fraudulent scheme built as a Ponzi scheme. The platform is not run by financial experts who trade financial markets, as the official website claims.
In reality it is just a financial pyramid that transfers money from new to older users. And because the returns are very high, it needs a quickly growing stream of deposits. Which can only last for so long.

Make no mistake, Ponzi schemes do pay their users in the early phase of their lifecycle. But they always run out of money because new deposits just can’t cover the growing withdrawal requests.

This is to say that even if Vexam is still paying by the time you are reading this, it still is a scam that is sure to collapse. With Ponzis like this it always is only a matter of time.

Also, you have to realize that in dirty schemes like Vexam no profits are legitimate. The platform is operating under lies, so it is scamming people by pretending to be something else. A lot of people have to lose money in this for a few to profit before the whole thing goes down.

That is why you should always stay away from Ponzi schemes like Vexam. You never know when they go down and in the long run you are sure to lose.

Vexam review – Conclusion

Vexam is an illegal financial service and a scam scheme that is going to collapse and lose money to its members. You have to stay away from it.

Ponzi schemes like Vexam have a fatal crash encoded in their DNA, that is why you should always avoid them.

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