Vortic United review – A very basic SCAM

This review will make you understand what the Vortic United scam really is about and that you should stay away from it.

What is Vortic United

Its official website says that Vortic United is a company that makes institutional grade trading systems accessible to everyone. It is focused on trading cryptocurrencies and paying profits to its users.

There are four investment plans available to the public with daily returns starting at 0.8% and going up to 1.6%. The minimum investment amount is 100 USD for the lowest plan and 5,000 USD for the highest one.

Vortic United was founded by Jensen Robels, but the company provides no details about where it’s based and registered. So, is it legit? No, it is not.

Vortic United review

Vortic United is a scam

Our investigation showed that Vortic United is an investment scam that was build as a Ponzi scheme. So it is sure to collapse, the only thing we don’t know is when will that happen.

Illegal investment service

The first part of our research about Vortic United was a background check of the company. The problem is, that there is no legitimate company.

On its official website, you won’t find any address, so you can only guess which country is it from.

We tried our luck with the Companies House in the UK and we found that Vortic United was registered as a company in May 2022.

However, that’s just a registration for tax purposes. Since Vortic United is providing investment services, in needs an authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority.

So, is Vortic authorized by the FCA? No, it is not. Which makes an illegal investment service that is breaking the laws in the UK. And every other country where it is offered in.

Vortic United not being an authorized investment service means that it is operating in the shadows and there is no protection for investors.

No address

Just look at the ROI

We have to repeat this in almost every review, but you really can spot the majority of investment scams just by looking at their offer.

Anything around 1% daily is for sure a scam. No legitimate company can generate that much money for their customers. Nobody is able to predict financial markets to that point. That’s a fact.

Vortic United is promising up to 32% returns on investment per month, which is completely ridiculous. The infamous Bitconnect scam offered 30% per month, do you remember that?

So when you see the Vortic United offer, you don’t really need to dig deep to see it’s a scam. It really is as simple as that.

Vortic United scam investment plans

How the Vortic United scam works

Vortic United is just one of many Ponzi scams that are online today. It is not an investment company, just an illegal scheme that transfers money between its members.
When you sign up and invest, you will be required to make your deposit with a cryptocurrency. That money will then be divided among people who joined the structure above you.

This will continue until it’s not longer sustainable, meaning until the deposits no longer cover withdrawal requests. That’s when Vortic United is going to collapse and people will realize that there is no money in the system.

And since all the deposits are made with cryptocurrencies, nobody will be able to get their money back, because crypto transactions can’t be reversed.

The pyramid

Vortic United review – Conclusion

Vortic United is an illegal investment scheme that was built as a Ponzi. It is just redistributing money among its members, there is no investing going on, let alone profitable.

Any investment offer you see with 1% daily returns is a scam, that’s something that you can rely on to avoid fraudulent offers.

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  1. Having trouble with VORTIC UNITED accepting my membership. Applyed with user name and password ,but then they did not recognised either.??

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