Zibacoin review – 5 reasons why it’s a SCAM

This review of Zibacoin provides an explanation of this investment scam that has no real economic background.

What is Zibacoin

Zibacoin Invest is presented as an investment firm that is investing money in health medical equipment, real estate, cryptocurrencies, agriculture and gold.

For the public there are six investment plans with daily returns starting at 2% and going up to 8%. The minimum investment amount is 200 USD for the lowest plan and 6000 USD for the highest returns.

Zibacoin says that it is registered in Canada and fully legitimate. But is it? The short answer is that Zibacoin Invest is not legitimate. In this review we provide all the details.

Zibacoin review

Zibacoin is a scam

You should not invest any money with Zibacoin because it is a dangerous scam. It can’t earn you anything, you can only lose. This Zibacoin review provides you three reason why you should stay away.

1. Lying about its registration

On its official website, Zibacoin Invest claims that it was incorporated in Canada in October 2019. In other words, it claims that it is registered as a company.

But it is not true. A search in Canada’s Business Registries shows that Zibacoin is not registered.

Because the company is lying about its legal status, it’s a scam.

Zibacoin scam

2. Illegal investment service

Zibacoin admits that it is an investment firm. Since almost every country in the world regulates investment services, it means that Zibacoin Invest needs authorizations from financial regulators in order to be able to operate legally.

But the company does not even provide real contact information on its official website, let alone any license data.

The conclusion is obvious, Zibacoin is not authorized in any country, which makes it an illegal investment service. And that’s the second reason to avoid it completely.

3. Absurd ROI

We have to mention it in almost every review we make, and with Zibacoin it is no different: A simple, yet effective way to spot most investment scams, is to look at the investment plans and their returns.

Because like it or not, for example 1% per day is something that a legitimate investment company just can’t achieve.

So, when you see Zibacoin offering up to 8% daily, you can be absolutely sure that it is a total scam. There is no way for them to generate profits this high in investing.

Zibacoin Invest may play it as a Ponzi scheme and pay some of its early investors, nevertheless it is destined to collapse and lose money to most people who ever join it.

The problem is that it accepts investment only in cryptocurrencies, which means that victims will have no way of getting their money back once they see it’s a scam.

The investment plans tell it all

4. Fake testimonials

A very tangible proof that Zibacoin is a scam is in the testimonials displayed on its official website. They are completely fake.

As you can see in our picture below, they used stock photos to portray their fictitious users.

Fake testimonial

5. Scam clone

And finally, in this Zibacoin review we can reveal that this investment platform is in fact just a clone of another fraud, namely Zenabis that we have already warned about in May 2022.

As you can see, their websites are almost identical, they offer the same services, they claim the same fake history, and most importantly, they have investment plans that are equally absurd.

And that’s the trend of the last two years, scammers just keep cloning their scams so that they always have something new to show to people when their previous platform is exposed.

Zibacoin Invest review – Conclusion

In this review we have provided five reasons why Zibacoin is a scam, the most obvious one being unsustainable returns that you can see with fraudulent platforms only.

The Zibacoin scam was made to steal your cryptocurrency, you have to stay away from it.


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